Get Ready for University of Colorado’s Blood Transfusion

Another year to prepare individuals for blood donation or transfusion at the University of Colorado in Denver! They are the ones responsible for managing blood drives within its area.

Students, as well as faculty members and staff, can easily go to the St. Joseph Hospital Blood Bank to participate in the university’s blood drive. There are also other blood banks in Denver for people who want to try other donation centers.


The university blood drive team members are skilled and precise. They safeguard all the screening equipment to be used in the blood donation process. Specialized doctors and nurses are going to attend to all your needs in the day of the blood drive, and with the help of passionate volunteers, everything will do just fine.

You can count on University of Colorado-Denver’s blood transfusion for its highest quality and assurance. It is the university’s top priority— to give the best when it comes to health and safety.


Denver is not the only city that has blood donation centers for interested donors. Many blood banks in Colorado have joined hands to help people who are in need. Sign up for an appointment online and have the most fulfilling day of your life!


One blood donation could save three lives, so count yourself in! Give blood as you give life to others!

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