Harvard University Hosts Blood Drive To Earn Money

Give a little time of your day to give blood for someone’s life, a big difference you can partake in every individual who needed blood. You give blood because you have blood to spare. You give blood because it is easy to participate in this kind of humble cause. Remember, that your donation can save up to three lives.

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The Harvard University keeps hand in hand to pursue this one of the many honorable cause of the entire university experience. All university students and employees are committed to bring the gift of life for every individual who depends on blood transfusion.

When donating blood, the Blood Bank Locations in Massachusetts linked with the Harvard University blood drive committee to keep this going. Don’t hesitate to give blood now, there are many people suffering and need the cure of their suffering right now. Blood has limited shelf life, so we are encouraging volunteer donors to ensure for participating in the blood drive. We are counting blood donors for the sufficient supply of blood for the patients who need it, whenever they possibly need it.

To schedule an appointment, please visit here for more information. We are welcome those walk-in participants or those show up without an appointment. Thank you for helping the many patients who depend upon life-saving transfusion.

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