How to Choose the Right Plasma Bank

Research is the first step to selecting the right plasma bank. You should make use of your Internet and start searching for any blood or plasma bank directory. One good example of this directory is Bloodbanker.

I regularly use this site and I am satisfied with it!

To meet your liking, the location of the bank must not be too distant from where you live. You should also check the website and search for pictures of the building.

Of course, it is important for a blood bank to pass all the eligibility guidelines provided by the National Health Service (NHS) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Also, take time to read any feedback about the center. It doesn’t mean the blood bank is very popular; it should also the right choice for you.

Wait! There are still a lot of key points to consider:

Study how you can get to the blood bank.

  • Is it enough to take a bus?
  • Do you still need to ride a taxi?
  • What landmark or landmarks you should remember to get there?
  • What other routes you can take to avoid traffic jam?

The safety and reliability of a plasma bank should also be a consideration. The plasma bank must have modern machines for physical examination and plasmapheresis. All employees, staff members and trainees must be well-trained.

As a general rule in any blood or plasma bank, there should be a regular officer-in-charge and medical representative on duty.

The medical representative should possess a post graduate in medicine either in pathology or transfusion medicine. A degree holder in medicine is enough considering he or she should have a year experience working in a blood bank.

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