How to Recruit More Blood Donors Using Facebook

The word Facebook becomes a daily vocabulary. When you want to friend someone, he or she will just tell you this – Add me in Facebook. If you’re on vacation and you phone your friends, I’m sure that one of their common requests is Please upload your photos in Facebook. I want to see it.

Same story goes in the field of business. Facebook, as the most popular and the most useful social media networking website, plays a vital role in creating their brand. It is primarily used to market their products as well as their services. As you have observed, every company website has a Facebook logo at the bottom of their site. Their goal is for the people to click on that logo and like their page.

Even for good-cause-campaigns such as blood mobile or blood drive events, you can still make use of the free features it offers.

Facebook Events. This is one of the nicest and the most useful feature in Facebook especially when you’re an event organizer. Schedules of blood drive events and bloodmobiles can easily be posted here. After inputting an event name, date, time and location, you can openly invite as many friends as you wish.

Mari Smith is a social media speaker and in her article entitled “Six Ways to Effectively Promote Events on Facebook – A Case Study,” she strongly suggests to create an event via your fan page. An event via fan page only sends an update to your fans. Creating an event via your personal profile gives you the ability to send an “automated” message to all invitees but this is the easiest way to become a spammer.

Facebook Notes. The site’s version of Blogger and LiveJournal. This is your personal space in which you can say anything you want and share it with your list of friends. You can certainly use this space to encourage people to donate blood or become a volunteer in blood banks.

Tagging. Use this feature when photos are uploaded and you want to share it with anyone.

Polls. Users always return to your page when you allow them to answer simple questions or choose an answer among the choices. A lot of blood donation campaigns use this technique to see what’s inside other people’s minds as to why they can’t donate blood.

Status Updates. By posting a number of inspiring quotes in your wall or blood donation page, a lot of people start to recognize your presence.

FaceBook Live. This is a live streaming video channel in which you can use to invite more people to your blood drive event. Just make sure that before using this feature, you already have solid followers in your list.

Therefore, never limit yourself by thinking that Facebook is only a website to make new online friends and to scan the photos your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend. There are various features this website has in order for you to start giving back to your community.

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