How to Save a Life this Summer

Everyone’s favorite season is in the air: Summer! The ideas of school breaks, long vacations, great bonding time with family and friends are so enticing and irresistible. Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend amazing weekends at your grandpa’s farm or lie under the sun on the shore and feel the sea breeze hit on our faces? Yes, summer is a great season for relaxation and forgetting all our worries in town. I’m sure students and professionals have different summer plans. What about you? What’s your plan this summer?

If you don’t know what to do this summer or if you have no money to go on out-of-town trips with your folks, there is still a fruitful and rewarding activity that you can do this season! Donate blood! Oops, the ideas of needle piercing through your skin can be frightening, but the feeling of fulfillment and happiness by the fact that your pint of blood can save three lives will overshadow your fear!

"Donate Blood this Summer"

Donate Blood this Summer

You got it! By giving blood, you have just made yourself a hero! Not everyone has the chance to give blood because there are certain requirements to meet such as height, weight and health history to be checked. So if you are healthy enough to donate blood, grab that chance to save a life and make a difference in your own little way.

Donating blood this summer is a timely and relevant thing to do because blood supplies are running low in this time of the year. According to Dr. Richard Benjamin, chief medical officer for the Red Cross, a lot of people are not available to give blood during summer because schools are not in session, businesses are on holiday schedules and people are on vacation. The American Red Cross and other blood services across the globe are actively reminding people to include donating blood in their summer to-do lists.

Blood can be used to treat patients with life-threatening conditions, to support complex surgical operations and many more. People donate blood because they have either known someone who needed blood transfusions in the past or they have benefited from transfusion themselves. There are others who have made it their life’s mission to regularly give blood as an act of altruism. There may be a story behind each blood donor’s donation, and we are looking forward to hear yours, too!

World Blood Donor Day

Every June 14, the world celebrates the World Blood Donor Day to recognize the millions of people who save lives by donating blood. This day highlights the great need to regularly donate blood to prevent blood shortages in hospitals, especially in developing countries where blood supplies are very limited. This year’s theme is “Every Blood Donor is a Hero” and South Korea will host the event.

"World Blood Donor Day"

World Blood Donor Day

Several Blood Center Services across America will also hold blood drives to participate in the world’s celebration. If you want to donate blood, you can go to BloodBanker to check the nearest blood bank in your place.

Let this year’s summer be a meaningful and extraordinary one for you! Be a blood donor and be a part of an annual world event that can change and transform lives! Donate blood this summer. All it costs is a little love.

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