Hurricane Sandy batters the USA; Could be the Largest storm to hit the country

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USA faces another super storm this week that is feared to cause even greater damage than Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Hurricane Sandy, has already killed 66 people in the Caribbean, could be the largest storm to hit the country, says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

"USA is hit by deadly Hurricane Sandy"

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The National Weather Service says Hurricane Sandy is an extremely unique storm that will hit the U.S. and there’s gonna be a whole range of impacts associated with it. Unlike the other hurricanes that have come, Sandy is slow moving and is not expected to clear right away. People can heavy rainfall that will contribute river flooding and heavy snowfall.

Sandy is expected to bring a life-threatening storm surge to the mid-Atlantic coast, New York Harbor and Long Island Sound as it makes landfall sometime on Monday. It is headed toward a densely populated region including Washington, Boston and New York, and the superstorm’s effects could be felt for hundreds of miles. Michael Bloomberg, New York Mayor, ordered the immediate, mandatory evacuation for low-lying coastal areas such as The Rockaways, Coney Island, Red Hook, Brighton Beach and some parts of lower Manhattan along the River. This is to prevent any casualties on residents and rescuers before Sandy slashes the area.

Meanwhile, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the suspension of all MTA service, including buses, subways, Long Island Railroad and Metro North starting 7pm on Sunday. The city’s public schools and The New York Stock Exchange trading floor will be closed on Monday.

Moreover, Sandy will make landfall on late Monday night or early Tuesday morning somewhere along the New Jersey Coast. Here are other quick facts you need to know about Hurricane Sandy:

Sandy is an exceptionally powerful storm that could bring surges of 4-8 feet along the Atlantic Coast and up to a gigantic11 feet in the New York area.
Flooding is expected and 10 million could lose power.
There is 4-12 inches rainfall predictions and substantial snowfall is anticipated in the southern mountains.
Residents of the affected areas are advised to keep their devices charged. Stock up extra food and water, too. People living in near evacuation areas are asked to prepare to-go bags with their important things should they need to move quickly.

Local governments are doing their best to make immediate action towards natural calamities like these. But there’s also a predicted calamity United States might be facing anytime soon if not prevented: blood shortage. Hurricanes and tropical storms can cause loss of lives, and so does blood shortage.

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