Plasma Biological Services Inc. of Owensboro, Kentucky.

Blood Donation Center Name: Plasma Biological Services Inc.

The Kentucky plasma blood donation center is located near the Indiana border, near Evansville, IN. Also, Owensboro is not too far from Louisville, KY. This program has a great pay schedule that gets you in there all the time. Take advantage and go there often to get the most for your plasma blood.

Phone: 1-270-685-0068

Address: 1858 Triplett St

City: Owensboro
State: KY

Hours: 8-5m-f 8-1sat

Website: none.

Pay Status: yes first donation $25, 2nd & 3rd $30, 4th $35 after 4th donation between $20-$30 depending on weight. Over 175lbs is $30

Frequency of Donation: twice a week

Tests for donors: HIV, physical, and various other simple blood tests.

Upfront costs?: none, just your time to do the plasma blood tests.

Add/Dis: friendly workers and regular clients give it a sense of family. TV’s to watch, magazines to read.

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