IBR Plasma Center

UPDATE: New directory of ALL IBR Plasma here.

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IBR Plasma Center

This center has gotten alot of use since hurricane katrina. Many more people are using the facilities to make a little extra money and help out the people that need blood for transfusions from accidents.
I’d recommend that you call this plasma donation center first to see what the latest is on accepting new donors before you go there. Happy donating!

Phone: 337-233-6602

Address: 325 E. Main St.

City: Lafayette

State: LA

Hours: MWF 7-5; TTR 8-6; Sat 8-4


Pay Status: Yes, It has been a while since I’ve gone. I will start again soon.

Frequency of Donation: Prolly 1-2 times per week

Tests for donors: I remember a physical, check between toes, etc.

Upfront costs?: no


Add/Dis: There is usually a wait

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