Pyramid Biological Corporation of Vegas

Pyramid Biological Corporation
1732 Fremont St. Suite D.
Las Vegas, NV 89101

What is donated: At this center you can donate both whole blood and plasma.

Hours open:
Monday to Friday 6-6

Pay per donation:
At your first donation you receive $20 and all subsequent donations you receive $30.

Frequency of donation: Y
ou can give blood only once every 8 weeks, but can donate plasma one in a 7 day period.

Test prior to donating:
They take your blood to check your iron levels, and if you are donating plasma they give you a brief physical. They also do a quick vital check- temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.

Length of time for donation:
The first donation might take up to 2-3 hours for blood, and 3 – 4 hours for plasma. After that it only takes 1-2 hours for blood and about 2 hours for plasma.

Upfront cost for donor:

History of center:
They are a very busy center and it can get crowded at times, the best time to come is early in the morning.

They are located on a bus line, making easy access for clients.

They are the only center in Las Vegas that does both whole blood and plasma. Found out something interesting here. If you give blood you can switch over to giving plasma and switch back. But if you start out giving plasma and then switch to blood you can’t switch back to plasma. You are not allowed to give both plasma and blood.

Las Vegas United Blood Centers

Las Vegas is not only know for the gambling, and vice, but also of a generous donation of life giving blood,
and the Las Vegas United Blood Centers.

United Blood Services
4950 West Craig Road Suite 3
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 645-3900

United Blood Services – East
3935 East Charleston Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89104
(702) 438-9850

United Blood Services – Northwest
4950 West Craig Road Suite 3
Las Vegas, NV 89130
(702) 645-3600

What can you donate: Blood, Plasma, Platelets, White Cells

Operating hours:
Monday and Tuesday 8-7
Wednesday & Thursday 11-7
Friday 8-6
Saturday 7-3
Sunday 10-4 not always open on Sundays

Payment to donor: none

How often can you donate: You can donate a single unit of blood – every 56 days. You can only donate a double unit of blood – every 4 months. When donating plasma – jumbo draw – you can donate every 28 days, and regular plasma twice a week when donating Platelets you only have to wait 3 days, and when donating white cells it is unknown how often you can donate.

What tests are needed before donation: You are given a hematicrit- blood iron levels are also taken. An intensive medical questionnaire as well as basic vitals likes pulse, blood pressure and temperature.

How long does donation take:
When donating a single unit of blood – 1- 1 1/2 hrs, and donating a double unit of blood takes 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hrs.
A plasma donation takes up to 1 hr.
When donating platelets, makes rue you have at least 3 hrs.
Set aside a whopping 5 plus hours if donating white cells.

Up front costs to donors: 0

Advantages of Program: The whole donation process is automated where possible, making this go smoothly and quickly. They also do all blood products.

Disadvantages: The centers are always packed.

Biomat Industries

UPDATE: more on Las Vegas Blood Banks here rate and comments on your favs, enjoy!

Biomat Industries are a huge conglomerate of blood plasma and blood banks across the country.

They own and operate under Sera care, Biomat and American Plasma, each has its own hours, payment scale and incentive program. All of these centers in turn answer to Grifols, Inc a multi national company which works with hospitals ensuring access to vital raw materials for plasma products.

Upon calling Biomat USA at:

611 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV
(702) 385-5172

I asked about what a potential donor needed to know about donating blood. The woman who answered the phone told me Biomat was a blood plasma center and they paid clients for the blood plasma. She then put me right thru to a polite and knowledgeable technician who answered all of my questions.

Hours of operation:
9-6 Monday Wednesday Friday
New donors 9 am- 4 pm
6.30- 3.30 Tuesday Thursday Saturday
New donors 6-2

How much does the center pay per donation?
$20 for first donation (must wait 6 weeks for test results)
$25 second in 7 days
Then $30 after that

How often can one donate at the center?
A person can donate blood up to 2 times every 7 days. Blood plasma is mostly water and they return the blood back to the individual, leaving them less woozy and lightheaded.

What tests are performed prior to signing up?
Complete physical by RN, ship off analysis for protein count and check for disease like STDs, etc. – takes 6 weeks

how long does a donation take?
The first donation typically takes 2 hours, and then allows 1.5 hours for subsequent donations.

Are there any upfront costs for the potential donor to enroll in the program?
There are no upfront costs, and I was told that the plasma obtained from this center is primarily used for premature babies, so it must be high quality.

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  1. I live in the Southwest. I am interested in donating plasma, blood, whatever is needed…

    Is there any way to make appointments? Any way to call before to see how busy you are?

    If I have a pituitary tumor and prolactinoma should I be OK to donate plasma?

    If there is something to fax, as far as paperwork, can I have it faxed and filled out before I come down?

    Thank you.

    702 994 3293

  2. United Blood Services 4950 West Craig Road Suite 3 Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 645-3900

    Phone number is wrong.

    I think it is 702-645-3600

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