Let’s All Celebrate The National Philanthropy Day

Mark your calendar this November 15, we will all celebrating the National Philanthropy Day! Be part of the genuinely collaboration of all those who continue its journey to the enrichment of the world. With your generosity, the National Blood Foundation (NBF) could carry out its mission of advancing transfusion medicine and cellular therapies by funding scientific research that benefits patients and donors as well.

National Philanthropy Day (NPD) is a day to remember every year to honor the great contributions of philanthropy and those citizens, and businesses active in the philanthropic community who help our world better. This was first celebrated in 1986, wherein more than 100 AFP chapters hosted this event across North America dated last year.

Now, the National Blood Foundation which was established in 1983, is a program of AABB aiming to distributes funds to support research and education in the whole aspects of blood banking, transfusion medicine, cellular therapies, and patient blood management. As a foundation, the National Blood Foundation raises funds from AABB members to both institutional, individual and at the same time to corporations, foundations and others for the National Blood Foundation Research and Education Trust (NBFRET), a 509(a)(3) organization. Since the time it began, the NBF has awarded over $8 million to early-career investigators through its Scientific Research Grants Program.

The National Blood Foundation Partners Program members play an essential role in supporting the mission of NBF which was established in 2003. The National Blood Foundation is very pleased to announce the availability of funding for the coming years for scientific research projects related to transfusion medicine and cellular therapies. This year, the National Blood Foundation’s early-career Scientific Research Grants Program attracted a record number of applications and is expecting better next year, 2015.

For more information of National Blood Foundation, please check this out:
8101 Glenbrook Road, Bethesda, MD 20814-2749
Phone +1.301.215.6552
Fax +1.301.215.5751
Email: nbf@aabb.org

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