Let’s Talk About Blood Type Diet!

What is a Blood Type Diet?

This is a dietary regimen followed according to blood type. In 1997, Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo (a Naturopath) published the book Eat Right 4 Your Type which became a worldwide bestseller focusing on the significant relationship between a person’s lifestyle, activity and blood type (O, A, B, AB). Each plan is dependent on your type of blood and each blood type has its specific set of food you need to eat and certain exercises you are required to perform.

Kinds of Food

Blood Type O Blood Type A Blood Type B Blood Type AB
Meat Yellowtail, Yellow Perch, White Perch, Whitefish, Sturgeon, Swordfish, Sole, Stripped Bass, Shad, Snapper, Salmon, Sardine, Rainbow Trout, Red Snapper, Bluefish, Cod, Hake, Halibut Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Silver Perch, Snail, Salmon, Sardine, Sea Trout, Rainbow Trout, Monkfish, Pickerel, Red Snapper, Mackerel, Carp and Cod Lamb, Rabbit, Halibut, Mackerel, Salmon, Sardine and Sea trout Lamb, Rabbit, Turkey, Tuna, Mackerel, Pickerel, Salmon, Sardine and Sea Trout
Fat Linseed and Olive oil Olive, Linseed Olive oil Olive oil
Nut Walnuts Peanuts and Pumpkin Chestnuts, Peanuts, Walnuts
Seed Pumpkin
Bean & Legume Blackeye Pea, Aduke, Azuki, Pinto Red Soy, Lentil, Pea, Green Pinto, Black, Azuki, Aduke Lima beans, Red soy Green Lentils, Pinto, Navy
Cereal & Bread Essene, Ezekiel Kasha, Buckwheat ,Amaranth, Ezekiel, Rice cake, Soya, Soba Noodles, Flour Brown rice, Finn crisp, Ezekiel, Oatmeal, Rice Brown rice, Millet, Rice rye, Oatmeal, Spelt
Vegetables Turnip, Sweet potato, Red pepper, Parsley, Parsnips, Okra, Red & Yellow Onion, Romanian lettuce, Kale, Kohlrabi, Garlic, Collard, Dandelion, Broccoli, Beet, Chicory Turnip, Artichoke, Beet leaves, Broccoli, Collard greens, Carrots, Dandelion, Escarole, Garlic, Horseradish, Romanian lettuce, Kale, Kohlrabi, Okra, Red & Spanish onion, Parsley, Pumpkin, Spinach, Swiss chard, Tofu and Tempeh. Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Carrot, Eggplant, Mushroom, Parsley, Pepper, Sweet potato, Brussel sprout, Yams Broccoli, Cauliflower, Collard greens, Cucumber, Eggplant, Mustard Green, Parsley, Sweet potato, Sprout
Fruits Figs, Plums, Prunes, Cherry juice Apricot, Blackberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Cranberry, Fig, Grapefruit, Lemon, Pineapple, Plum, Raisin, Prune Banana, Papaya, Grape, Plum Cherry, Cranberry, Grape, Kiwi, Lemon, Pineapple, Plum
Spice Curry Ginger, Garlic, Malt, Barley, Mustard Curry, Ginger Curry, Garlic
Dairy cottage cheese, mozerella, ricotta, skim milk and yogurt Cottage Cheese, Mozerella, Ricotta, Sour Cream, Yogurt
What to Avoid Carbohydrates, Refined sugars, Dairy, Grains Processed and dairy food, Meat (pork, bacon, ham, beef, duck, goose, lamb, rabbit, bluefish, lobster, scallop, shrimp), Lima beans, Wheat, Some vegetables such as mushroom, eggplant, cabbage, olives, peppers, potato,, tomatoes and yam Chicken, Tomato, Olives, Pork, Ham, Duck, Goose, Anchovy, Crab, Bacon, Lobster, Blue cheese, Sesame, Peanut, Cashew, Pistachio, Avocado, Pumpkin Pig-derived food, Beef, Buffalo, Chicken, Duck, Goose, Quail, Clam, Lobster, Blue Cheese, Corn, Sunflower, Lima Beans, Pea, Artichoke, Avocado, Mushroom, Pepper, Banana, Coconut, Mango, Orange, Starfruit
Exercise Aerobics, Martial Arts, Contact sports (Basketball), Running Yoga and Tai Chi Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Swimming Tai Chi, Yoga

Table Sample from Every Diet

The History

Unknown to most, the blood type diet can be traced back to Dr. D’Adamo’s father, James D’Adamo. He was also a Naturopath who studied in European Spas that promoted the plant-based diet. During his practice he began to see that not all people thrive on plant based or solely vegetable diet. In the need for markers on which diet benefits each person, he turned to blood typing. Knowing how blood type influences the ability of the patient to absorb nutrients, Dr. James D’Adamo found a new way to recommend what diet and physical exercise to better lives.

The descriptions of James were proven to be clinically valid but it was his son who provided a scientific link between blood groups and disease.

Blood Type Diet Skepticism

Most skeptics who have attacked Dr, Peter D’Adamo’s book question the author’s ability in creating conclusions without proper documentation of its sources. For the reason that the publication of the 1997 edition had only a bibliography.

The critics have also gone beyond the book and went on to discredit him by looking at dietary suggestions enumerated in D’Adamo’s website. Opinions are divided between those who have tested the diet or those who have a deeper understanding in genetics and the medical field and the ones who debunk the idea because of a preferred diet regimen. The lack of present-day scientific evidence linking any disease to ABO blood types is usually the point of argument.

Dr. Peter D’Adamo proved his father’s studies to be clinically in early 1980. Tests were performed on his patients for blood type reaction to specified diet. Through this he also managed to detail the relationship between a group of blood sector and developed a specific therapeutic intervention.

In 1990 Peter trained 200 of his practitioners and certified them based on clinical management. Seven years after this, Peter completed his bestseller that has helped thousands of readers live a healthier life up to now.

Blood type evolution reflects how types came to be. In numerous scientific books and studies have touted one blood type as the oldest type; while the others had come to be due to migrations of race and adaptation to environment. Blood history plays a role in how people with react to food and to physical activity. Below are the blood types starting from the oldest to the most recent discovery.

Ideal Exercise: Running

Group O

This is the earliest human blood type that has been around for 30,000 years and it is commonly referred to as “the hunter” type. The diet routine is centered on eating moderate and smaller proportions of lean meat and vegetables.

Type O Sample Menu:

– Breakfast
Start the day right by eating two slices of Ezekiel bread. You can either spread the plain butter or with an organic almond butter on it. Pair this with six ounces of vegetable juice or green tea. For dessert, choose to eat banana.

– Lunch
Reward yourself by eating six ounces of organic roast beef and spinach salad. You may have slices of apples and pineapples as your side dish to add something special in flavor. For drinks, simply stick with plain water or seltzer.

– Dinner
A night time meal of lamb stew with steamed asparagus and broccoli with a sweet potato as your appetizer is both light and easy to digest. Fresh fruits like peaches, blueberry, kiwi or grapes will complete the light meal.

For Workout Routine: Aerobics, Martial Arts, Contact sports (Basketball), Running

Ideal Exercise: Yoga

Group A

This blood type existed at the start of agriculture 20,000 years ago. Because of migration, people learned to plant and this type began when the diet consisted mostly of organic fruits and vegetables. This brought about blood type A which is also termed “agrarian or cultivator.” Type A’s are natural vegetarians whose diet focuses on eating fresh, pure and organic vegetables that are rich in protein.

Type A Sample Menu

– Breakfast
Keep it simple with a serving of oatmeal with or without soy milk and maple syrup and just lemon juice to drink.

– Lunch
Mix chopped lettuce with celery, cucumber, green onions, feta cheese, fresh mint, lemon for an instant Greek salad. A slice of sprouted wheat bread is enough for your source of carbohydrates while an apple may do for dessert. Herbal tea is your drink.

– Dinner
Tofu-pesto lasagna with some broccoli is a light, healthy and tasty meal to close the day. As for dessert you could have frozen yogurt or a serving of fruit.

For Workout Program: Calming exercises suit your blood type, get into Yoga and Tai Chi to rejuvenate your body.

– Ideal Exercise: Playing Tennis

Group B

Most people with blood type B are found in the Asian region. This blood type was traced back to the time when humans traveled from parts of Africa and ended up in the steppes of the Himalayas. From a warm climate to a cooler one, type B’s are said to have sturdier immune systems. Type B’s digestive system can accept most food except for food that they are difficult to digest.

Type B Sample Menu

– Breakfast
For healthy digestion, only have a rice cereal with banana and skim milk for breakfast and complete this meal grape juice.

– Lunch
Consider having a thin slice of turkey breast with a thin slice of Swiss cheese. The cheese may be replaced with mustard or mayonnaise. As a side dish a healthy serving of vegetable salad completes the required nutrients you need in the middle of the day.

– Dinner
As night comes, your ideal menu will consist of broiled fish, roasted yams and steamed vegetables. Have a bowl full of mixed fresh fruit for dessert and stick to juice extracts like Ginger juice as your preferred healthy drink.

For Workout Program: Moderate physical exercises that is both mental and physical in nature (hiking, cycling, tennis, swimming)

Ideal Exercise: Tai Chi

Group AB

According to evolution, type AB is a complex group that was believed to had emerged less than 1,000 years ago. It’s also called as “the enigma,” since it is as an intermediate group between blood types A and B. There are dominant blood types that usually corsses the weaker one out, in AB blood type both dominant.

As for your diet routine, all food is acceptable as long as your intake is equal in size, in portion and in frequency.

Type AB Sample Menu

– Breakfast

Have two slices of Ezekiel bread, yogurt-herb cheese and diluted grapefruit juice.

– Lunch

Have a hearty lunch with four ounces of sliced turkey breast and two slices of rye bread. After that, satisfy yourself with a Caesar salad and plum for dessert. Finish off by drinking herbal tea.

– Dinner

Tofu omelet with stir-fried vegetables is a light enough meal before calling it a day. Just have a mixed fruit salad as your dessert and decaffeinated coffee for drink.

Workout Routines: Relaxing exercises such as Tai-chi

Blood Type Specified Diet and Activity

Blood type specific diets are road maps to health for each blood type. This is the plausible reason why some diets suggested by spas or fitness experts do not work forother people. Referring a diet using blood type specifically points to the needs of their body.

Let’s take the type O, this blood type is high in Intestinal Alkaline Phosphatase that easily splits cholesterol to assimilate calcium that is absorbed in the small intestine. This is triggered by the intake of proteins. For a person with type A blood to eat the same diet as a type O will not result to the same thing. Since type A’s protein needs can be supplied through fresh and organically grown vegetables.

For activity, blood types also need different levels of activity to match their specified diet. A type B person gets slower metabolism when not eating right which results to “depression, lethargy, insulin resistance and hyperthyroidism”. A type B person would have to combine proper diet with exercise that is challenging to both the body and mind.

People want to live a healthier and longer life, eating with the best diet is always our fall back. We used to find the right diet by trial and error, now with the studies like Dr. D’Adamo’s we get to see that the elements that make up our bodies have a say in what we eat. The questions of some who try to live healthier lives are answered through the substance that runs through their veins.

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