Make Blood Donation Your New Year’s Resolution!

Before anything else, let me first greet you a Happy happy new year! It’s been a while since my last post (been busy with the holidays and all), but now that we are back, it’s going to be a busy year ahead.

It’s the new year and I’m sure old traditions like jumping to get taller and making resolution lists are never out of the picture. New Year’s resolution may be a cliché for some, but nobody’s too young or old to make one. What about you? Have you made yourself another New Year’s resolution?

If you haven’t yet, what about this? Make blood donation a regular habit.

"Be a regular blood donor this year"

New Year’s Resolution: Be a Regular Blood Donor

Even if you haven’t donated blood last year, don’t worry because every day is the a perfect day to give the gift of life. But January is the ideal month to start it, given that it’s the NATIONAL BLOOD DONOR MONTH! Raise your chins up high regular donors, this is your month! It’s a celebration of your heroism and a time to educate new donors about the importance of blood donation.

BloodBanker has been actively encouraging first timers and regular blood donors to continue helping in keeping up with the nation’s blood supply. We have posted feature stories and news articles about blood donation in our Facebook and Twitter pages. And since it is our lifetime mission to educate and encourage people to give the gift of life, we will never stop in spreading its word until we can finally put an end to blood shortage.

Why you should give blood?

  • Someone in the US needs blood every 2 seconds.
  • Each year, more than 4.5 Canadians and Americans require blood transfusion.
  • In North America alone, around 43,000 pints of blood are used everyday.
  • Each year, transfusion number grows by 9%.


  • About 92 million blood donations are collected every year. Half of these donations are from high-income countries, which is home to only 15% of the globe’s population.
  • Annual Blood donations collected in high-income countries average on 30,000 while 3700 only in low-income countries.

The sadder news:

  • 17% of non-donors have never thought of giving blood.
  • 15% of non-donors do not give blood because they do not have time to do so.

But there’s still hope:

  • If all blood donors give blood three times a year, blood shortages would be less likely happen.
  • If one more % of Americans begin to give blood, blood scarcity would be gone soon.

In case you want to donate blood this month, here are few blood drives that the American Red Cross will hold in some states:

Blood Drive Schedule in Central Illinois

Blood Drive Schedule in Genesee, Lapeer, Shiawassee Counties

Wherever you are and whatever your race is, we invite and encourage you to make blood donation your grown-up New Year’s Resolution list. While some aim for losing weight and starting a healthy lifestyle, tell you what, blood donation is good for the health too! Saving lives while staying healthy, how’s that for a fruitful and purpose-driven 2013?!

We hope that you all have a wonderful and exciting 2013 ahead, and what better way to live this year with a blast than to share the gift of life to those who need it. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Make Blood Donation Your New Year’s Resolution!

    • @Obadavidslimzkidbaalekanem: Blood Banks don’t pay you for your blood. It is a purely altruistic action and you do it because you know your pint can save lives of people you don’t even know. If you want to get paid, you can sell your plasma to plasma centers. Centers pay as low as $20 for first time plasma donors. Expect around $40 to $60 when you donate again. Fees and payment depend on the plasma center.

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