Paid plasma donation, 10 years of knowledge summed up

Okay, has been around for over 10 years, here are the most common questions we get about plasma donations.

What are the general requirements?
– Minimum 18 years, maximum 69 year. In good health and at least 110 pounds weight with proof of ID and sometimes address.

How much can I get paid?
– It depends on the place, but said and done you’ll get about $25-$45 per donation.

Where can I donate?
– You can find a local donation center here at

How long does it take?
– It takes about 1.5 hours once you are in the system.

What can I do during the donation time?
– Almost anything in a chair, you can read books, watch movies, play games on your phone. Many locations have movies going, otherwise personal entertainment is encouraged.

Is it safe?
– Yes, all the machine does is remove the plasma from your blood and return the rest to you. It’s perfectly safe and even better then a whole blood letting.

Can you get sick from it?
– Do not donate if you have cold symptoms as it will make it worse.

Does it hurt?
– No, it is painless and many people find it rather relaxing.

What is plasma used for?
– Plasma is used to treat cancer and many other diseases and medical procedures. It can’t be producing in a lab or factory. The only source is from healthy humans.

Why would i donate plasma?
– You want to make money and/or help modern medicine as blood products are increasing being used in many different applications to heal people.


Plasma Treating Neuologic Conditions:

Plasma for healing pain:

Technical plasma analysis:


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