People Urged to donate blood on Winter Holidays (USA, UK, Canada)

Winter is the season when the words ‘jolly’ and ‘give love’ are used in business to get people spend their money. People around the world are busy this time of year making sure their gifts truly express how much they feel. Who wouldn’t want to give an epic gift, right?

How about giving a gift that won’t cost money, would be remembered always and will make you a hero 3 times over?


"Make blood donation your to-do list this Christmas"

To do list for Christmas. Donate Blood.

Summer and the winter are the seasons that we think of going on a holiday and taking it slow. Both seasons are the days when blood donations and supplies are at a low ebb.

We asked you all to make a donation last summer and now we ask the same of you this winter. The need for blood never goes on a holiday; here in BloodBanker, we make it a lifelong commitment to urge people to make that donation. As everyone else is getting busy, donors would strike out blood donation from their To-do lists.

Winter is one of the seasons where blood donation appointments far in between; most donors get colds or flu, blood drives get canceled due to bad weather, or people simply forget to include blood letting in their to-do list.

Heavy campaigning by blood drive organizers start a month or two earlier just to call people’s attention to giving blood. Volunteers and organizers do their part so there would be no shortage when December comes around.

In Norfolk, England, a new blood donation campaign is backed up by the media to help reach larger population.

The Evening News, in association with NHS Blood and Transplant, launched the “New Blood Campaign” to recruit 750 new blood donors during this December. Around 7,000 units of blood are needed every day in the United Kingdom; without the campaigning supplies will not be enough for patients and victims.

Moreover, Editor-in-chief of the Norwich Evening News and Eastern Daily Press Nigel Pickover said they are delighted to be a part of such a worthwhile cause.

"Give blood on Christmas Day"

The gift of blood is the gift of life.

“There really is no greater gift than the gift of life and by getting behind this campaign and donating blood that is exactly what people can do. We know people in Norfolk have a long history of being generous and getting behind worthy campaigns and we hope the same will happen in this instance,” Pickover added.

Meanwhile, NHSBT’s donor relations manager Derek Carr also asks people to pledge to become a blood donor. According to him, there has been a 20% drop in young donors over the past 10 years and they need new donors to replace those who can no longer give blood.

Carr gave three reasons why people don’t donate blood. First, for fear that it’s going to hurt; second, people think it’s going to take so much of their time; and third, they don’t know where to donate. The National Blood Service holds 10-15 blood drives every week across Norfolk such as Long Stratton, Gorleston, Norwich, Hoveton.

In Canada, the Canadian Blood Services (CBS) has thought of a creative way to effectively boost blood donation supplies. They created “Holiday Miracle Campaign”, a project that allows donors to donate blood in someone’s name. A Christmas card is sent to the recipient and it includes the link to the CBS website, where the recipient can see the blood donor’s picture along with a personal holiday message.

Paul Doucette, spokesperson for CBS, said they’ve seen an incredible jump on their 4 provincial Facebook pages of people who participated and have known the project. This is already a great improvement, considering that “Holiday Miracle Campaign”just started in the middle of November 2012. Holiday season proves to be a hard time for collecting blood supplies because people are out of their normal schedule.

The campaign strategy is very timely since the Christmas season is a time of giving and sharing. The CBS hopes to collect 3000 blood units in Labrador and Newfoundland by the end of 2012.

"Make you life count. Give blood."

Give Blood this Holiday Season

The American Red Cross has also urged its pool of eligible donors to make time and roll up sleeves for the holidays. Red Cross must collect 44,000 pints of blood every day nationwide, regardless of the date on the calendar. Blood donations decline during the holiday season for the same reasons they do in UK and Canada. Red Cross remains persistent and hard working in calling people to donate blood. They have scheduled blood drive schedules across United States to make sure that whoever needs blood will get the help they deserve.

Check here the following blood drives across the country and make sure you book an appointment before you get busy:

Blood Donation Schedule in Illinois
Blood Donation Schedule in Surry County
Blood Donation Schedule in Maine
Blood Donation Schedule in Northeast Georgia
Blood Donation Schedule in Cumberland Valley 
Blood Donation Schedule in Marion County, Ohio 

You can also check here the nearest blood donation center in your place and donate blood there.

While most of us are enjoying the holidays, there are those who spend such joyful season in hospitals and wait for blood transfusions to continue living. Can we afford to enjoy the festivities while knowing that somewhere, there’s a person we could have helped? The gift of blood is the gift of life. We do not need to be ultra-rich philanthropists to make a difference in this world. A pint shed in blood donation can already change a life in ways we never thought could be possible.

New blood donors campaign – We need you
Always a need for blood donations
Holiday blood donation campaign off to great start

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