Plasma Blood Donation Process Explained

How does the actual plasma blood donation work?
The process is quite simple. Basically a plasma donation company wants to separate your plasma from your red blood cells. What does this mean? Well, your blood consists of white and red blood cells which float around in a goo. For a better word the goo is called “plasma”, and this is what a machine will extract from your blood. So, a machine is hooked up to you for about 90 minutes to suck your blood out, separate the plasma from the other blood cells.

How does it separate the blood?
Not to bore you with the details, but a centrifuge is used pull the plasma down to the bottom of the funnel and into the collection unit (also known as a thick plastic bag).

What does the machine look like?
Well, it’s just a small unit that does the aforementioned extraction. You only have a needle in your arm, and the machine does the work of processing the blood.

Does it hurt?
No, not really at all. The only pain point is a very minor one when the needle gets stuck into your arm. Beyond that there isn’t much pain at all. So once that needle is in your vein, you won’t really even notice anything. That is why many centers will have a TV or other forms of entertainment you can partake in while you wait.

Apparently platelet donation can be quite painful. These are totally different procedures and make note of the name.

I hope this helps explain how the system works. Please leave comments about your own experiences, rumors or any other question you might have on plasma blood donation.

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6 thoughts on “Plasma Blood Donation Process Explained

  1. I am still unclear about part of this process….is the blood drawn, taken to the machine, separated and then the bloodcells re-injected into me? Is a ‘lead’ inserted for the entire process or is a 2nd injection required for the return of the platelets?

    Also, another page here says one should be ‘healthy’. Do you have to be in “perfect” health for this or can you be on some meds, such as trreatments for HBP or type 2 diabetes or taking OTC, arthritis-pain type, relievers?

    Thank you

    • @PJ Yes, you have to be perfectly healthy before and during plasma donation. If you take treatments, kindly confirm it to the assigned doctor if you’re still a qualified donor.

      • Hi Keila, usually you get $15 to $25 for each plasma donation, depending on the facility and location. Some plasma centers give you $25 to $30 bonuses for first time donors, as well as for referrals. But Typically, you’ll receive $25 each for your first two to four donations, and then $15 to $20 for subsequent donations, depending on the center. Blood plasma can be donated up to twice in a seven day period. But you must wait at least 48 hours between two donations. Hope this helps. 🙂

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