Plasma Center in Review: Biomat USA

What is Biomat USA?

Biomat is a part of Global Grifols family of companies since 2002. It’s one of the leading suppliers of life-saving products made of human plasma. The Biomat has a network of FDA-licensed plasma centers in the United States.

How it operates?

The collected plasma shall undergo a rigorous testing to guarantee its quality. All testing facilities used by Biomat are approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) every two years. This procedure is routinely done to ensure the quality assurance and safety of each product. After the initial testing, the plasma was sent to another laboratory for further screening before it is manufactured into plasma derived therapies.

The donors at Biomat USA are expected to follow the strict rules made by the company. They go a series of physical examinations. The series of voluntary industry standards that is known as International Quality Plasma Program (IQPP) must also be followed for each visit.

To ensure the overall quality of plasma before it is further tested – only plasma from repeat donors are used for plasma derived products. Biomat feels confident that the repeat donors are consistently healthy. Their profile histories show no signs of malignant diseases in the past or in the present. There’s also a minimum of sixty days to confirm the safety measures of the plasma.

Right now, Biomat USA has 64 centers in 24 states. To search for Biomat USA Centers in the country, go to BloodBanker

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3 thoughts on “Plasma Center in Review: Biomat USA

  1. To Biomat Staff:
    If you can’t handle simple administrative tasks effectively, then I doubt you can run a safe, sterile environment for your clients.
    I sat in your Nashville, TN facility on Church street for three hours of entry preparation on August 7, 2012 (I was also turned away the day before because of short staffing, because half of your staff quit suddenly). I was completely prepared to do wait, but at the very end of the entry process, I was asked if I had been in Germany between 1980 and 1996, I was stationed there in the Army. Because of the Bovine disease, I was not eligible.
    Staff asked at the door about AIDs, HIV, and if I had been to Central Africa. They could have asked the overseas questions up front. You wasted my time and gas money over the two days and I am very unhappy about it. I turned down overtime at Vanderbilt to get this done today. There was no need to have this happen if some thought had gone into it by your company. Where there is administration issues in a medical setting, there are medical issues. I suggest that you correct the problem.

    Yours, Jackie Wooten

  2. This place is awful, If you go consecutively there is an increased chance that you can false + for HIV, and once that happens, they will refuse to listen to you regardless if you come in with another testing center’s – declaration, you become unable to donate, and let alone the fact that you can get tested at any other center, and they will tell you your results fairly easily, being human, and will actually tell your results over your phone. I had false +’d for HIV, got kicked out only to get a letter to return to the center, but at the time I had driven all the way to the farthest anonymous testing site I had gotten, tested – on the Elise & Western Blot, So I shouldn’t worry right? But still they had the nerves to try to make me return, letter after letter; after killing my car with my limited income (I was doing this for 20x before they refused to accept me anymore, which was my gas money to get back and forth from college) I have tried calling them, their corporate office, and they all refused to tell my results so I could sleep stress-free (The center being WAY too far for me to walk, and I have no money whatsoever). But obviously these people have the biggest fucking broom stuck up their ass to even give me a yes or no answer. My recommendation is stay the fuck away from this center; everything Grifols so you too may not have to go through the incredible deal of stress that is aging me like a dog over a few weeks! 0/10 – From A Severely Pissed Donor.
    P.S. No AMOUNT of Money is worth this stress and ridiculous situation

    • I work for the Grifols company in the medical department and would like to say that there are several things that can disqualify you and there is no “fast way” to make that determination when screening potential donors. Unfortunately due to the financial aspect of it (ie: monetary compensation paid to the donor) a lot of people who are turned away are more frustrated with the fact that they did not get paid and lose track of the importance of keeping the plasma pool safe and protecting the lives of millions who rely on medicines made from the plasma donations. I understand the frustrations that come with being turned away after a lot of time was invested but that is why it is called a screening process…….it is necessary and can not be skimmed through or deviated from. If you had a family member who was recieving life saving medications from donor’s I would hope that you would want to have every assurance that the donoations were safe. So, in short, donating plasma is not a right and it is not a given.

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