Plasma Donation: Worth Your Time?

Have you tried donating blood plasma for money?

I am sure this is no longer a different issue to you. That liquid and yellow part of your blood containing clotting factors is only one of the few easiest ways to earn money.

The rule is simple: To be a qualified donor, just stay healthy.

If the word “healthy” is not enough to you, here are some of the specific details:

1)    Be between seventeen to seventy years of age.
2)    Be physically fit, more than 110 pounds.
3)    It’s part of your routine to drink lots of water and other fruit fluids.
4)    Eat a balanced-meal every day.
5)    Observe healthy living by drinking your vitamins, by performing simple exercises and by having adequate amount of sleep.

If you think you are doing the five listed above, it doesn’t end there. Certain techniques are needed to be followed a day before your donation, the day of your donation and after the donation procedure.

You must be aware donating plasma is longer than donating whole blood. The entire procedures, including physical examinations before plasmapheresis, can take two to three hours especially if it’s your first time. It can even take four if your chosen bank is full of donors.

It is for these reasons why plasma centers decided to compensate donors. Paying them might be an inaccurate way of encouraging them to make a difference yet, this type of system works. Because of the money received for a pint, more people flood inside the bank. Younger donors (17-30) are easier to convince.

The biggest problem here is – the real meaning of plasma donation is gone if you’re only doing it for the money. Your plasma can save lives. It’s not used for transfusions but it is an important raw ingredient for manufacturing medicines for rabies, measles, rubella, burns, etc.

On the other hand,

It’s understood if you’re only a plasma donor for money. Who doesn’t? You and I need money in these times of economic collapse. Earning $35 – 50 per session is already a big help to buy what you need for a day.

The only question left unanswered here is: Can your body handle the burden?

Deficiency in plasma can also be harmful to you. Whether you receive $30 or $50, this amount is not enough when you start to feel the complications.

Bottom line is: Never abuse your body. Find other means of earning instant money apart from plasma donation (Babysitting, cutting weeds, etc.).

Whatever happens, either you’re rich or not, your health is still your wealth!

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22 thoughts on “Plasma Donation: Worth Your Time?

    • @Eric Sauser: If you want to donate plasma, you just need to visit a blood bank near you and pass all the necessary examinations. If you’re a qualified donor, you’ll be undergo plasmapheresis in which your RBC, WBC, platelets are separated from your plasma. After the entire procedure, you’ll get paid depending on the pint you have donated.

  1. I am a healthy 56 year old retired aerobics/weight training instructor, who has just recently moved to Lubbock, TX. I have given blood and plasma many times in my life and am at a loss as to where to go donate plasma here in Lubbock. Can you reccomend a good facility?

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