Plasma is His Life

Christian Wang was diagnosed with Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID) when he was just four-week-old. CVID is a medical condition in which the immune system has no enough antibodies necessary to fight germs and other infections.

Christian’s mom, Becky, works as a counselor in Resident Life and she admitted his son is having an infection every two weeks. Many specialists gave his son antibiotics but nothing good happens. Christian’s body was regularly resistant to their treatment. In 2007, Christian even stayed in the hospital for seven weeks and his doctors only administer oral steroids just to keep him breathing.

It was only a year after when Christian began treatment for CVID. An immunologist advised him to undergo plasma-based medication through Intravenous Immunoglobulin Therapy. This type of therapy must be performed every eight hours for thirty days and must also be closely monitored by the hospital.

For the reason Christian should receive treatment subcutaneously, the treatment procedures will take three to four hours and are quite complicated. First, two small needles are needed. Then, these are hooked-up to a backpack by a tube. This tube is inserted in the fatty tissue and the infused medication travels throughout Christian’s body. He is expected to carry this backpack all the time.

“It was a miracle,” Becky said. “Everyone noticed a difference in Christian.”

As he’s growing up, Christian learns to accept his new lifestyle. He learns how others’ plasma he receives from BioLife Plasma Services save his life. He’s receiving this treatment once a week but after medication, he is still allowed to perform his daily routine.

Becky is also grateful for all the employees in BioLife for all their help. She also encourages everyone to donate plasma. The qualified donors might not know where their plasma goes but rest assured, it can help ill people like his son.

“Although it is a rare condition, we want people to know they are not alone,” she said. “and, how important it is for people to donate plasma.”

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