Rutgers University in New Jersey Gig For Blood Drive

Rutgers University is hosting a blood drive on campus. The blood drive is open to all willing and qualified donors, so please spread the word and ask your friends, family, relatives and coworkers to donate blood. An extra phone call or email to a donor can make a big difference and help replenish the dwindling blood supply.

Rutgers University students have expected to serve back to the community as an important part of their university experience. A calendar of events is being planned and their first activity was to sponsor a blood drive in cooperation with New Jersey Blood Service. They have already done blood drive which first goal of 30 pints has established and that level has reached within the first few hours. Then by the end of the day, 51 pints had been collected and some additional potential donors were unable to contribute as there were no more collection bags. However, they will have an opportunity to donate in the spring when another drive is being scheduled.

In addition, the university is very thankful and the satisfaction of knowing they had contributed to a very worthwhile and great cause. The university partners with the New Jersey Blood Services that really needs your help which it urges all qualified donors to give thanks and give blood.

To all eligible persons who are willing to donate blood, they should be 16 years with parental permission, must weigh 110 lbs or more and present photo or signed ID to all Blood Bank Locations in New Jersey.

Also, for volunteers who play a crucial role in helping save lives each and every day. They provide care, attention, and assistance to those dedicated blood donors who roll up their sleeves to give life. Also, if you would like to volunteer where opportunities exist to educate and encourage the public to donate at universities or businesses and community organizations, please inform us so we can reach out to you immediately. Let’s see below of how volunteers or fans made a blood drive more recognize by their effort and hard work.

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