Biolife Paid Plasma Donation Center in San Antonio, TX

UPDATE: more on San Antonio Blood Banks here you can even comment on a center you’ve visited.

also see all the Biolife Plasma locations here!

Biolife Paid Plasma Donation Center

This center is located near the I-35 exit near off ramp 157B near downtown San Antonio. Basically it is near the intersection of North Main St. and Lexington.
Anyway, the building is clean and in good order and the program is typical of a plasma donation.

Local Address:
816 Lexington Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 223-9119

Hours of Operation:

Monday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Sunday Closed

As you can see the hours of operation are nice and easy to remember. None of this open at 5:00am one day and 10:00am the next. This biolife is fairly high volume, so I’d recommend that you get to the place as soon as possible to signup and get donated.

How much does a plasma donation pay?
$25 , $30, after that goes to $15 and $30. So they pay you the 25$ for the first time during the week and to get you back, they pay $30 for the second time. So as you can see becoming a regular donor can pay off nicely!

How often can one donate?
You can donate plasma up to two times in a seven day period. Also, make sure that you are in good health. Don’t go to donate if you are even feeling just a bit on the sick side, because you can get really ill if you do like fever of 103 degrees.

Additional Eligibility Requirements:
To donate plasma, you must be a healthy and at least 18 years old +, weigh at least 110 pounds, and pass all other required donor eligibility criteria.

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38 thoughts on “Biolife Paid Plasma Donation Center in San Antonio, TX

    • @MarquesDavies Apart from plasma, you can also donate platelets, your egg or your bone marrow. But be extra careful, not everyone is a qualified donor. Therefore, don’t just donate for money.

  1. Don’t go there. There is an asst. manager that has a street life past and uses that street knowledge to get you banned for minor reasons. This woman should not be employed there. She’s on a power trip and she will make your life miserable.

    • @Lexy Ask him why. There’s nothing wrong to donate plasma except if you’re underweight and diagnosed with fatal diseases. Donating plasma is just one way of the ways to make a difference.

      • I asked him (sorry for the very late responce!) He said he donated plasma, but the blood didnt go back into his vain and his arm went purple/red. But Im sure that doesnt happen a lot.
        On a different note I just donated blood a few days ago, how long til i can donate plasma? 🙂

        • @Lexy You can donate plasma every 28 days but if you just have donated blood, better ask the blood center’s doctor as to when your plasma donation be.

    • @JeremiahWilliams Just be healthy, take vitamins daily, eat the right food and make sure you weigh more than 115 pounds.

  2. I have been wanting to donate for sometime (spec. blood/plasma, and possibly eggs) though there are some concerns of my research hearing that some locations turning away people with tattoo or piercings. The main reason I haven’t taken a chance, even with my desire to support a cause, because I may just waste my time.

    My tattoo was done 3/yrs ago & my last piercing little over a year. I know there are laws that contribute to 12/mo process, but I worry that even with my time between & proper care/application that I will be undeniably told that I don’t apply.

    If someone could give me some good advice, I would appreciate it! Between volunteer work in my spare-time, I’d like to look for something new to help out our community! I really have a passion to help people, money or not, I’d really like an opinion on my concerns.

    Thanks so much!

    • @Rhiannon First visit takes 2 or 3 hours. Before a person with tattoo can donate, she must first pass the series of examinations.

  3. The pay amounts listed here are wrong.
    It’s 50 for the first 3 donations and then 35 for each donation after that. Then its 45 for the 5th and 6th donation of each month. Also it’s not Biolife. It’s Biomat USA.

    • So it is up to 2 visits per 7 days and if you go by a month

      Day 1 – $50
      Day 4 – $50
      Day 7 – $50
      Day 12 – $35
      Day 15 – $45
      Day 20 – $45
      Day 23 – $45
      Day 28 – $45

      Does your blood type effect the pricing at all?

      • @Brad I’ve never heard that your blood type has an effect on the rate. To be sure, you can call Biolife.

  4. Also they now open up at 7:30 am and close at 6:30 pm on the week days (Monday through Friday). Also they are going to be relocating soon.

  5. idk if i can trust this place? i just want some money but i dont wanna risk anything, so if theirs anything bad about this place or anything i should be worried about i wanna know. Can’t trust anyone or anything these days!

  6. there is nothing really bad about this place except for the big ass needle they stick in your arm make sure you get to know the people who stick you cause some do better than others and dont be afraid to speak up ifyou feel a lot apain at point of insert cause that usually means they didnt stick you right other than that sit back and try to enjoy one of the many movies that they play continuiosly on tv moniors stuck throughout the

  7. just be carefull, i donated before and used to be an avid doner, untill one time the nurse couldnt get the blood flowing, then he jiggled the needle around a bit, didnt think much of it at first but when i woke up the next day, i had a bruise on my arm a little bit bigger then when i stretch out my thumb and pinky finger, it didnt hurt much but everyone thought i was a heroin junky or something, havent donated since.

    • Yikes! My dad complains about people like that, I hope that doesnt happen to me. I’ll promise myself to just leave if they cant do thier job properly.

  8. They’ve since relocated and they are on Main Street. With the entrance to the building being on Flores. Just passed Fox Tech High School.

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