Selling Plasma: A Creative Way of Earning Money

These days, students are becoming more creative to earn some extra cash. Many are looking for part-time jobs but some are being more creative. They sell their blood plasma.

Michael Wachter is a sophomore student majoring in broadcasting. He is a regular donor in Biomat USA located at the south of his school. He can earn more than $200 each month if he sells his plasma twice every week.

Wachter uses the money for food and gas. He is also using the money to pay for some things not provided by his school.

It is totally a different story for Cierra Kelly who is a freshman majoring in psychology. She donated her blood plasma for the first time in spring of 2011 but has not received any compensation due to her young age. Plasma donors are paid only if they are nineteen of age.

Even unpaid, Kelly is okay with the situation. Donating plasma is her only way of giving back while her mom is undergoing regular plasma transfusions for her reconstructive surgery.

She will accept the payment once she turns nineteen.

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11 thoughts on “Selling Plasma: A Creative Way of Earning Money

  1. I am really interested in donating plasma for money, problem is I dont know any place in the new york city area that does it; can you guys please provide me with a place with a phone number that pays people to donate plasma

  2. My friend and I are interested in donating plasma to get some extra money, We have donated blood but never plasma. I have a couple of questions though, first what do we need to make an app?, and I read that you have to be 19 to get the cash is that true?

  3. i have been all over the web trying to find a lab that will give me compensation for my blood plasmas in my area. im in west side phoenix near avondale.

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