Interstate Blood Bank of St. Louis

Interstate Blood Bank
5121 Delmar Boulevard
Saint Louis, MO 63108
(314) 367-5200

Hours of operation:
New donors:
Monday – Friday 8.30-2
Saturday 8.30-12

Regular donors:
Monday to Friday 7-3.40
Saturday 8-2

What is donated:

How much does the center pay per donation?
The first donation you get $20, the $2 if it is done with in the first month, after that it is $15 and $20 in one week. However this all depends upon your weight, if you are less than 150 pounds you only get $12 and $17 per week of donations. If you are over 150 pounds you get $15 and $20 per week’s worth of donations.

How often can one donate at the center?
You can donate plasma up to two times in a seven day period.

What tests are performed prior to signing up?
New donors must have a driver’s license social security card or proof of residency. They conduct a brief medical history, and determine if you are in good health. Then they check vitals- temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, and check for iron level and protein level with a finger stick.

How long does a donation take?
On the first visit, the whole process which includes the physical exam and the plasma donation it usually takes about two hours. After that it only takes about an hour and a half per donation.

Are there any upfront costs for the potential donor to enroll in the program (startup costs)?

On the bus line.

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9 thoughts on “Interstate Blood Bank of St. Louis

  1. for the plasma donattion center in STL, MAKE SURE YOU GO EARLY EARLY EARLY EARLY!!!!!!!! they get SO crowded because of them being the only center in stl, and they stop taking new donors at 12pm

  2. I was turned away because i didnt have an envelope with my address that was post marked in the last 30 days. I did have my drivers liscense and social security card. so remember all three forms of ID. now i have to wait and really needed to do it asap. so call b4 u go to get all the info about ID, time frames for new donors etc and don’t forget the envelope because it is not listed here, but they wont take u without it/

  3. This center has a new address (just a few doors down) and new hours…

    5101 Delmar Blvd. (@ Acadamy Ave.)

    M 6am-6pm
    T 6am-7pm
    W 6am-6pm
    Th 6am-7pm
    F 6am-4pm
    S 7am-3pm
    Closed Sunday

    • Also, the prices listed are wrong as well– they are actually about twice that. Call them for more precise figures; the phone number listed is still correct.

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