Tips & Techniques: The Blood Donation Process

There are three phases of blood donation that every donor must follow. The first phase is preparation. Here, the donor needs to eat nutritious food rich in iron such as oysters, red meat, scallops and cereals. It is also a must for him to get hydrated, stop smoking and get the right amount of sleep.

The second phase starts when you’re on your way to the blood bank. This is the right moment to calm yourself and think of happy thoughts. Take your time in answering personal questions and never feel reluctant if it asks about your sexual activities and health history. All staffs and volunteers inside a blood bank are well-trained. Any type of information you have shared to them remains confidential.

The third and final phase takes place right after the refreshments are served. Drink more fruit juices as you go home. Take a rest, relax and enjoy the feeling of knowing you save lives (Downloadable Apps). Getting a bruise is just okay as long as it lasts for only ten days. If this happens, you just need to apply a bag of ice in that area.

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