Tips to Get Your Blood Donation Accepted

How to Make Healthy Blood Donation

Here are some tips to getting your blood donation accepted. These practices are helpful in all kinds of blood donation including plasma, whole blood and platelet .

  • Drink lots of water the day before, as well as the same day you donate. Taking in extra fluids will greatly reduce your donation time and will help you not feel tired after donating.
  • Prior to donating, EAT A WELL-BALANCED MEAL and avoid alcohol or beverages with caffeine or any other highly processed foods.
  • Avoid high-cholesterol and fatty foods.
  • Maintain your iron and protein levels by eating a well-balanced diet. Most donation centers test for iron, so a iron supplement might be a good idea before your first visit.
  • Finally, drink plenty of water after you donate to replenish fluids.

Also, proper food and adequate fluid intake are essential keys to a successful donation. We recommend the following:


    • Drink 4-6 tall (8 ounce) glasses of water, fruit juice or another caffeine-free liquid at least 2 to 3 hours before donation. In addition, if you wish to continue donating on a regular basis, consume adequate fluids daily.
    • Avoid caffeinated beverages because they dehydrate the body. Avoid coffee, tea, chocolate drinks, soft drinks (pop or soda unless they state “caffeine-free” on the label).
    • Avoid alcohol of any type for 24 hours before you donate.


    • Eat a meal prior to donation.

Adequate Sleep

    • A good rule of thumb is a minimum of 5 to 6 hours of sleep the night before donating.

After Your Donation

  • Eat a light meal and drink more fluids than usual in the next 4 hours.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol. This is key. It may seem like fun to get that 4 martini buzz on just one but just don’t do it, this can really mess you up for days
  • Keep your venipuncture site clean and dry. The bandage may be removed after several hours.
  • If there is bleeding from the venipuncture site, raise arm and apply pressure.
  • If fainting or dizziness occurs, either lie down or sit with head between the knees.
  • If any symptoms persist, either telephone the center, return to our center or see a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

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  2. I live in new lenox IL 60451 . I need to make some extra money. I am 52 born
    12-17-58 I’m in good health i think. I don’t take any pills for anything. My blood type is AB- I think this is still needed because it’s rare were can I do this.

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  3. i just have a question, i have a back injury from quite a few years ago and every now and then have to take a vicodin for this injury. they are prescribed by my doctor but i don’t take them on an every day basis, mostly like in the rainy season. will i still be able to do the plasma donation and get paid?

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