Tropical Storm Haiku Strikes China

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After leaving flooded streets and wrecked homes in the Philippines, Tropical Storm Haiku has struck China on Wednesday, which packed winds of up to 110 kilometer per hour. Because of this, nearly 2 million people were forced to evacuate and over 400,000 households were left powerless.

More than 1.5 million people in the eastern province of Zhejiang and more than 250,000 residents of the remote parts of Shanghai were evacuated after TS Haiku landed early Wednesday morning.

The China Meteorological Administration had issued a red alert for TS Haiku and warned that it is expected to bring heavy rains and strong winds for 48 hours.

"Tropical Storm Haiku Landed in China"

Tropical Storm Haiku in China

Meanwhile, Haiku has seriously hampered transport communications in the area. More than 500 domestic and international flights to and from Shanghai’s airports have been canceled. An official at the Shanghai Water Authority said that no ships had been allowed in or out of Shanghai’s ports. Some trains to and from Shanghai have also been canceled.

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