Ways to Keep Your Blood Plasma Healthy

Plasma is the yellow liquid component of the blood and it covers twenty-percent of the body’s extracellular fluid. The plasma also acts as clotting agents in which when it forms a clot upon exposure to the air. Clotted plasma is a clear fluid and it is called serum.

Plasma is the protein reserve of the human body and for this; it plays an important role in intravascular osmotic effect to which it keeps electrolyte in balance form. It also protects the body from infection and others disorders of the blood.

Donating plasma is one of the well-accepted activities to save lives while earning some dollars. The entire procedure might take some time but it’s all worth the effort once you have experienced it for multiple times. Accepting money in exchange for blood plasma is rewarding. This is the moment when it feels like you are not only a hero but you also provide a value for yourself. With the money you’ll receive, you can buy whatever you crave for. It’s even enough to pay your gym membership.

That’s why; it is a must for you to take good care of your plasma to become a healthy donor. The first tip is to keep your body healthy. The term “healthy” does not only mean the absence of disease. It also means you are physically in good shape. You regularly choose the right type of food to eat and you perform the right workout for your body type.

Getting enough sleep is also important. Never expect to have a healthy blood plasma if you are regularly exhausted and overwork. Truth is – you should have an average of eight to ten hours of sleep before you donate your blood the day after.

Lastly, choose to live the right way. Do not abuse yourself by drinking too much liquor or by eating junk food. If you got friends or relatives who are forcing you to drink alcohol, just drink a little and pretend you have a bad stomach.

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3 thoughts on “Ways to Keep Your Blood Plasma Healthy

  1. Build your blood plasma by drinking lots of water within the 48 hours before donating and also hydrate after your donation. Sometimes it is also good to bring a snack for after your donation since you might become hungry in the middle of your donation. Also make sure you don’t smoke or drink.

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