Welcome to the Blood Donation Listings, Give Blood Today!

Welcome to our Blood Plasma Donation Center listings.

We are working on putting together the BEST Directory on the Web! See our newest FREE product over 2300 blood banks listed: Blood Banks

This directory will have all the blood and plasma donation centers in one place for you. So here is how we break it down, we have blood donation centers that pay you and others that don’t. Please try to do a blood donation to BOTH of these. We find that younger people, (college students) donate for money and then when they get older they donate just to be helping out. Be this kind of person, it rocks!


You are really helping out folks! A blood donation is critical to people who have had surgery or in a trauma accident and need blood in their bodies!

I was a young starving college student once and got involved with these plasma donation centers. It was a great way for me to get a handle on my bills without much effort, also I learned about how blood helps people and cord blood banking as well.

I would do homework, read magazines even watch TV while having the economic resources for school supplies, or a sub sandwich.

Sounds easy enough right? Yes, it really is an easy process that you can do to help out people in need and it doesn’t take a degree in stem cell research to do it. Due to increased demand, we have been expanding to include some cord blood banks and also have added more information on various medical terms in the blood donation field, enjoy!


Did you know that when you give blood, you save 3 lives! Yes its true, 1 blood donor helps 3 people that needs the blood.

Blood Donation can save lives, whatever the season!

We may all take a vacation from school or work but there’s one thing that never takes a break: the need for blood! That is why we, at BloodBanker, are relentlessly encouraging and reminding eligible blood donors to roll up their sleeves because blood supplies are needed by almost anyone at anytime.

You don’t need to be Brad Pitt or Chris Hemsworth to be able to give blood. Anybody who is in good health can give a pint. Basically, the requirements are just:

  • must be healthy
  • at least 17 years old
  • weigh at least 110 pounds

But there are certain restrictions set by the Food and Drug Administration to ensure a safe blood supply. Some of them are:

  • you are a male who has had sex with another male since 1977
  • you have used a needle to take illegal drugs or steroids
  • you have taken clotting factor concentrates for a bleeding disorder
  • you have been given money or drugs for sex since 1977

To know more about the rules for deferring and accepting blood donors, please see this link for reference.

So tell me what else is holding you back from giving the gift of life? Blood donation costs nothing but can be most fulfilling thing you’ll ever do. Thankful to have a healthy body? Return the favor. GIVE BLOOD!

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55 thoughts on “Welcome to the Blood Donation Listings, Give Blood Today!

  1. i’m a regular blood donor but i need to make a little extra cash so i want to find a site in new york manhathan, queens or brooklyn that pays for plasma donation.

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  3. Does anyone know of a place in southern NH or northerm MA that pays cash for plasma donations? I can’t find the info any where. Thanks

  4. I am on Social Security Dis-ability and cannot work, the company where I had worked had not workmans compensation,due to a multiple-Trauma injury I had lost all hope,help and income.On 9-19-2011 attempting to make a donation of life saving value as well as trying to get money to help pay for school pictures for my 6 year old grandson from donating.I arrived at the site at 6:30 am to wait for the start-up for 7:00 am new doners.With the process taking me from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm for the physical exam.I had previously donated back in 2009,my last donation was 08/2009 with information concerning last surgeries back in 1969 and1980 tonsilectomy/appendectomy all this was documented. Upon asked any new surgery? I reported a Neck fusion & Miniscus Knee scope in 1-25-2010..I made a mistake and said 1-25-2009 this date was recorded by the examiner and I was denied donating and was told that I was barred from ever making any donations to this center.Upon realizing the mistake on the dates given 2 minutes later..I told her the examiner I made a mistake on the dates in question and that I could get home and return in 1 hour with documents with proof of the correct dates.I was told by an Asian Supervisor to come back next day at 7:00am 9-20-2011 ..I did as instructed from 7:00am to 11:00am ..At about 11:20 am I was seen by Physical examiner and worker name Richard stating that they could not make the corrections and that I was barred from making donations at Biomet. My attempt to help save lives, to earn income and get money to pay for my grandson school pictures was denied because Biomet employees refused to make the proper date changes as to my last surgery. My BP ok,Temp. ok,Protien ok.. where is there a remedy to correct all this..??

  5. hello i live in Sacramento,California and if been looking all over the internet for a plasma center so i can donate for cash can anyone help me out with a location please Sacramento or Elkgrove would be good! THANK YOU!

  6. I am probably going to spend the whole day trying to correct an idiotic error. You can NOT donate blood, plasma or anything else for money. ANYTHING! EVER!!!!
    You can, however sell your blood, plasma and anything else that it is legal to sell.
    get it? donate= give. sell= sell.

      • no, the word “Donate” means to give without compensation. To “sell” is to get compensated, or earn money for your donation. So it is gramatically incorrect to day you can donate plasma for money. You are selling.

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    • @Lacey There are no plasma centers in Riverside. Though, Biomat USA has two branches in Bakersfield and one in Orange.

    • @Jessica Any plasma collection center, apart from American Red Cross, will pay you after each plasmapheresis. Use this directory to find these centers.

  9. I am looking for a center that pays for plasma donations in NJ. Every place I find using the directory doesn’t pay donors. Please help me locate a place either in NJ or as close as possible. Thank you!

  10. Do they automatically give you the money after the donation or do we need to ask? (im not sure how i would ask “so how much am i getting paid “)?Thank you

    • @Juma Accredited plasma centers will instantly give you the money after a session of plasmapheresis. Different plasma center have different payment method. Some centers pay in cash while others use a VISA Card.

  11. My son is looking into donating plasma in Calif. Where can he donate? We live between Sacramento and San Francisco.

  12. Is there a place that pays for blood donation in Orlando? Not a plasma donation, just a regular blood donation?

  13. Hi i live in queens new york and i am having a hard time finding a place to sell plasma also are there any places that you san sell blood to in the five boroughs

    • Hi @MrsRaines Yep. A person can donate blood provided that you’re not taking insulin to control the level of your diabetes.

    • @Omayra,

      You’re required to donate a pint of blood once in 56 days to avoid complications. Selling plasma will make you earn some cash but it doesn’t mean you can sell it whenever you want it and the truth is, you’ll feel bad when too much plasma are removed from your system.

      Different plasma centers, different rates – therefore, should you want to sell plasma and get paid after a session, you can use this directory http://bloodbanker.com/banks/ to find the nearest center of your liking.

  14. Im looking for a place to donate plasma for money, if you could tell me the best one and the one that pays the most in Minneapolis, MN near the U of M campus id appreciate it, thanks.

  15. Hey, I am looking to sell my plasma for money. Are there any centers located near me? if you could please tell me which ones are closest to me and which ones pay the most money, I would greatly appreciate it! I live in Somerset, PA. Thank you very mcuh.

    • Hi there Matt,

      We’ve seen the offensive comment and have removed it. Thank you for calling us out on the wrong street view on your old address. We’re updating your address now.

      Have a nice day and thank you for your support!

  16. Hi I live in Maplwood NJ and I’m looking for either a blood bank or plasma bank that provides compensation. Are there any? I searched the database and I can’t find any. Thanks

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