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In the last year, we’ve seen storms batter down the US- Hurricane Sandy was the worst of all, affecting 24 states in the country and killing 132 people in eight states. Three months later before everyone had recovered from the tragedy of the deadly hurricane, a snowstorm hit the northeastern part of the country. Snowstorm Nemo left 3-4 feet of snow in affected areas and has claimed several lives.

Because of storms like these, blood drives are either canceled or people opt to stay at home than brave the snow to show up for a blood donation appointment. Tragedies always mean fewer blood supply in hospitals and blood banks. When there are no new donations, the next scene we would witness are cancellations of elective surgeries or blood disorder patients left untreated due to blood shortages.

Nemo not only left communities undone with missing roofs and uprooted trees, it has also created frightening damage to one of the country’s hidden problems: the lack of blood donors.

BloodBanker has found a way to help you get to any blood drive in the US. You can type in a search for a blood drive near you. We will  save you the trouble of searching where to go, what to donate and when to do it – we have laid it out for you to make your search quest easier. We’ve added a new service to our website bloodbanker.com/drives, you can search for blood drives by popular blood drive hosts, by state or by featured blood drive cities that provide a list of blood donation schedules.

Tragedies like these come unexpected and despite the warning, no one was expecting the worse turn of events. At the height of calamities, we Americans just have to remain strong and hopeful for our families and for each other.

Relief operations from various organizations and people from unaffected areas pitched in money, food, shelter and clothing to grief-stricken communities. People stepped out of their comfort zones volunteering help, nothing can keep Americans from moving forward with clean up operations.

Everyone has a role to play, even those affected by the calamities can help out. Rolling up your sleeves to donate blood is every American’s duty. Blood donations are needed and we believe our communities are awash of generous and selfless heroes ready to fill that need. I know there’s a hero in each person who wants to do something for the community, give blood at the nearest blood drive.

Reaching out a hand to help others in need is noble, in this case we ask you to reach out your hand and roll up your sleeve and give blood. Blood shortages would be impossible if we all take time to give blood. Natural calamities are inevitable but blood shortages can be avoided. Let’s not make blood shortage a calamity!

We can only eliminate blood shortage if people take part in their moral social obligation to donate blood.

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How to use bloodbanker.com/drives

Was Superman your favorite superhero as a kid? Guess what? You can be someone’s hero too! All it takes is some pint of blood from you!

Come on! I know it’s in you to give! No need to wear a cape to feel a hero. Donating blood is more than enough!

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