What is Blood Type Testing

Each human being has a different blood type. It can either be A, B, O or AB depending on the presence or absence of some antigenic substances inherited from your parents. These days, it’s now possible to find out your blood type even without going to a doctor.

How? Let me explain to you the basics first.

Blood typing is a type of laboratory test which is the only method to determine the type of blood each person has.

There are 30 blood groups recognized by International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT). The ABO system is the most important blood-group system. It’s the first type of test to conduct when you are tested for transfusion. The Rh system is the second most important blood-group system that contains fifty antigens.

In blood donation, consider yourself a universal donor if your blood type is O-. It means you can donate blood to any type (O, A, B, AB). If you belong to Group A, you can donate blood to Type A and AB. Group B should only donate blood to Type B and AB. Group AB+, however, is a universal recipient and a universal plasma donor too. However, you are only allowed to donate blood to Type AB.

While O is the most common blood type, AB is the rarest. Based on the statistics presented by American Red Cross (ARC), only 3% of the Caucasians, 4% of African-Americans, 2% of Hispanics and 7% of Asians are AB+ while 1% of the Caucasian population in the US has AB-

The authorized persons who are allowed to draw blood are phlebotomists, laboratory practitioners and nurses. In emergency situations, paramedics, physicians and respiratory therapists are allowed to perform venipuncture too.

Different Types of Blood Testing

The primary purpose of blood testing is to determine your biochemical and physiological state. Blood testing also measures the level of mineral content, drug effectiveness and organ function.

There are four methods of blood testing. The most common and is routinely practiced by every public and private company is complete blood count (CBC).

The complete blood count gives specific percentages about the types and numbers of blood cells. The white blood cells protects your body from any form of infection. The red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen from your lungs to the other parts of your body. The platelets or thrombocytes are the smallest type of blood cells responsible for blood clotting. It helps stop the bleeding.

The blood chemistry test, also known as Blood Metabolic Panel (BMP), is a type of laboratory procedure that measures your plasma’s chemical components. The test if it’s done with a group of toxicological tests measures the drug levels in your blood.

The blood enzyme test is a form of blood chemistry test that is also known as cardiac enzyme test. It validates your results as seen during the initial evaluation of cardiac complication.

The various enzymes in the body controls chemical reactions and are tested in various ways. The most common test is Troponin Level Test. Troponin is a muscle protein and when its amount starts to increase, you’ll have heart attack.

The lipoprotein panel testing requires you to fast for nine to twelve hours before the procedure. This type of test tells you if there are abnormal levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in your body. Unhealthy build-up of bad cholesterol leads to Coronary Heart Disease (CHD).

Cost of Blood Type Testing

ASK – Big or small hospitals offer different blood typing services in affordable prices. Feel free to call their operation hotline and ask the prices of each procedure, To save money, use your health insurance when paying.

BUY A KIT – It’s now possible to buy single-use blood test kits in supermarket. Eldon is one example of a blood typing kit. The kit is available in different prices depending on the materials included in a package. A package for complete blood testing usually includes sterile lancet, pipet, prep pad, mixing sticks and illustrated instructions.

BUY ONLINE – Purchasing blood testing kit online is more expensive than having it done inside a hospital. When you buy single product online, expect that you are paying not only for the product but for the shipping rate as well.

Eat For Your Blood Type

Peter J. D’Adamo is a naturopath. His study about anthropology, medical history and genetics results to the significant relationship between human blood type and your overall health. He concludes that to stay healthy, you need to follow a certain diet and perform specific exercises ideal to your blood type.

– Type O –
Ideal Diet: Thrive on lean meats and vegetables
Ideal Exercises: Aerobics, Martial arts, Contact sports, Running

– Type A –
Ideal Diet: Thrive on vegetable, beans, grains, legumes, tofu, fruit
Ideal Exercises: Yoga, Tai Chi

– Type B –
Ideal Diet: Thrive on vegetables, meat, fish, selected dairy products such as yogurt
Ideal exercises: Hiking, Cycling, Tennis, Swimming

– Type AB –
Ideal Diet: Thrive on tofu, vegetable and fish
Ideal Exercises: Combination of A and B types

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