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BloodBanker is seeking and supporting creative projects that need funding to get into production and be introduced into a larger market. With the help of, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, BloodBanker gets to help promising and potentially great projects from the world’s brilliant minds through funding and pledges. Check out other projects we’ve funded here.

One of the projects that BloodBanker has funded is “Admissions”, a feature documentary film that explores the personal stories of four undocumented college students. BloodBanker believes that films like these should be introduced to the mainstream audience.

What is Admissions?
Admissions is directed and produced by Chloe and Tasha. Admissions follows the stories of college students namely Blanca, Viridiana, Charlie and Jong Min, who are all trapped at the intersection of education policy and broken immigration law systems. The film presents the many obstacles these students face including legal, financial and psychological problems, and demonstrates the brutal effects of marginalization and uneven educational access.

"Admissions Feature Documentary Film"
Admissions Feature Documentary Film

Why support Admissions?
Admissions lets us take a peek of America’s educational system. This is relevant because the film lets us hear the voices of those who are fiercely marginalized by our community. Without a doubt, Admissions deserves to reach a larger market and be seen by the world.

Chloe and Tasha have been tirelessly working on this film for over three years and they want to express their gratitude to those whom they have worked with. In their Kickstarter page, the two ladies said that they worked with so many talented people who have shared valuable insights, feedback and expertise – all have been significant in shaping this film.

This 50 minute feature documentary film is almost finished. But there are aspects of the film that need furnishing and this means they need financial support to help push this through. This is where they need us. The team needs more funds to work on sound editing, Spanish language subtitling and DVD manufacturing and distribution. A lot of film festivals in Mexico have expressed interest in the feature film so they are working hard to reach the funding goals and produce a polished and exceptional documentary film we can all be proud of.

Update: Admissions has reached its funding goal of $5000! On behalf of Admissions team, we’d like to thank the other generous sponsors who helped funded Admissions. Let’s not miss this chance to bring noteworthy visual projects to the world!

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