“Based On A Couple of True Stories” The Series Funded by BloodBanker

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One of the projects that BloodBanker has funded is “Based On A Couple of True Stories”, a film and video project by Micah Lorick. It is a story about the Barker couple who are experiencing various marital issues that involve their families and friends.

What is Based On A Couple of True Stories?
“Based On A Couple of True Stories” started off as several short films in 2010. The Dennis and Janice Barker Episodes were entered into a number of film festivals. The Janice Barker Episode won the 2011 Best Short Film Award at the Charlotte Black Film Festival. Now, the team behind the independent short films wants to bring Dennis and Janice’s story into each household. That is why they want to produce a TV series in Charlotte, North Carolina that is based on true stories but will be put in imaginary situations to artistically add more drama, emotions and suspense into the series.

""Based on a Couple of True Stories" The Series"
“Based on a Couple of True Stories” The Series

The team is planning to make 13 thirty-minute episodes. Since they are independent filmmakers with no sufficient budget to support their endeavors, they need us to help them!

Why Support this Project?
“Based on a Couple of True Stories” has proven its quality when it bagged the Best Short Film Award for the Janice Barker Episode. This time, they are asking for our financial support to let them do a TV series that is worthy of the audience’s time.

They need a $60,000 budget to start the project. They will use the money as payment for the actors, locations, props, equipment, sound and lighting and other production costs. Since they will have 13 episodes, they will also need more cast members and more stories, which explains why they need such big amount.

Most TV series in the USA nowadays are produced by large TV networks and production companies. There are also incredible ideas and stories waiting at the sidelines of Hollywood but are short of budget, and “Based on a Couple of True Stories” is one of them. With the support of the Kickstarter community, projects like this are given a chance at the spotlight and show to a larger audience how great their work is!

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