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BloodBanker is seeking and supporting creative projects that need funding to get into production and be introduced into a larger market. With the help of Kickstarter.com, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, BloodBanker gets to help promising and potentially great projects from the world’s brilliant minds through funding and pledges. Check out other projects we’ve funded here.

Rapcraft is one of the many projects that BloodBanker has funded. This cutting-edge and innovative printer is an open hardware project that aims to bring user-friendly, high quality and low cost 3D printing solution to people and companies that want to utilize 3D rapid prototyping.

What is Rapcraft and What Makes it Unique?
3D printing is becoming more popular because its alternatives, such as injection molding machine that are used in making pens and fenders, are very expensive. A 3D printer can produce the same parts for only $2 or $3 while injection molding machines can cost for around $10,000 for just one part. This is why 3D printing technology has dominated the market these days.

3D printing is everywhere and there are tons of 3D printers out in the global market. Rapcraft is unique and different from these commercialized 3D printers. First, it is made of 100% aluminum, which makes it light-weight and solid with no plastic parts. Its spatial construction is made with laser-cut precision, which is distinguished by its unusual lightness and high rigidity. Because of these characteristics, Rapcraft operates on high speeed with loss-less 3D print quality. Rapcraft’s assembled printer only weighs 16.5 pounds or 7.8 kilogram. Plus, Rapcraft is easy to use! You do not need to assemble it by yourself because you only need to turn it on and print.


Rapcraft 3D printer is especially developed for the low-end consumer markets. Though this project is made for a market who seeks inexpensive product, the team behind Rapcraft ensured that this tool is made of high quality. In fact, they passed the CE (“European Conformity”) mark, which means that the manufacturers made sure that the product conforms with the important requirements of the applicable EC directives. Therefore, we can be sure that Rapcraft is eco-friendly as it has built-in activated charcoal filter and screen cables that will purify air and absorb unsafe gases while processing some of the materials.

Why they need our help?
Rapcraft is a brilliant project by a group of people who do not have sufficient funds to take this to the next level. If they have enough funding, they will be able to optimize mass production in a factory environment, run and maintain a website where they can provide information to the community, and hire Python programmer gods to develop an opensource software that will power Rapcraft.

Rapcraft is a promising invention. With its high-quality and eco-friendly attributes, we look forward to see Rapcraft reach a much larger market.

UPDATE: Rapcraft wasn’t able to reach their Kickstarter goal, visit their site to know more on the amazing product. Let’s help great ideas come to life!

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