Revels SummerFaire 2012 Funded by BloodBanker

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One of the projects that BloodBanker has funded is Revels SummerFaire 2012, a project submitted by Debby Garman, the Executive Director of Portland Revels organization since 2006. Revels is all about honoring the seasons and the celebration is made more colorful and festive by the singing, dancing and other activities made for and by its diverse and wonderful people.

What is Revels SummerFaire 2012?
Revels SummerFaire 2012 is Portland’s new free public event in honor of the Summer Solstice. On June 23, 2012, they celebrated the Revels SummerFaire 2012 at the PSU Farmer’s Market. The mission of the event is to celebrate the seasons in community with different traditions and the performing arts. Garman and the rest of the organizers wanted this very special event to be unforgettable and grand, so they came to Kickstarter to ask the community to support this activity.

"Revels SummerFaire 2012"
Revels SummerFaire 2012

Obviously, to create an event as large and festive as this, they need money to support the activities ranging from the thousand of dollars for park permits, to big stages and excellent sound system, to the materials for kids to mess around and huge banners to make up for the parades. Fortunately, with a great spirit of community both from Portland’s people and online backers, Revels SummerFaire 2012 reached its funding goal of $3500 on June 18, 2012.

Who were there at Revels SummerFaire 2012?
Revels SummerFaire 2012 invited terrific performers to grace the main stage such as Revels’ ViVoce Singers, The Oregon Chorale, Indonesian Performing Arts of Oregon, The Portland Peace Choir, Yiddish Republik, Original Practice Shakespeare, Bollywood Movez, Inspirational Sounds from Latin America, NW Conservatory of Dance and The Tir Eoghain Dancers.

Other sights “on the green” include performances from Renegade Rose Morris team, The Wild Rose Garland Dancers, and Storytellers from the Portland Storytellers Guild.

Revels SummerFaire 2012 also had volunteer hosts that offered hands-on workshops about the seasons and solstice and some arts and folks traditions to hook and educate children and families.

The Revels SummerFaire 2012 was a huge success. Thanks to the organizers who passionately worked hard in making this event a reality, to the local residents who gave their time and talent to the activities, and of course, to the 60 kindhearted backers who believed in the project. With a venue like Kickstarter, more local events like The Revels SummerFaire 2012 will have a chance to showcase their great share of artistry, creativity and draw the community closer than ever.

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