We need YOU to Help us Build Blood Donor Network

Whole blood donations stored for use

BloodBanker, is a website committed to preventing blood shortages by providing a complete list of all blood and plasma bank directories across North America. We want to make blood shortage a thing of the past and we are using the Internet to spread the word about this cause. By providing directories of blood banks and informative articles about blood donation and the numerous lives saved through it. We believe that people will have a better understanding about the importance of having sufficient blood supplies at hospitals, with the information on how your donation is vital in saving lives.

BloodBanker, the largest blood and plasma bank directory in North America, needs people like you to help us in our cause which is to stop blood shortage.

Every time you buy any product from Walmart.com, 1% of what you spend is donated to BloodBanker. The proceeds will go to building a blood registry that connects donors all across the USA to help prevent blood shortage.

BloodBanker will always be grateful to communities and organizations that believe in and are willing to fight blood shortage in every state. YOU, help us make this all possible. We just can’t do this alone. We can make blood shortage a thing of the past, if and only if, we share the same vision towards reaching this goal.

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