How Dental Stem Cells Change Medicine?

Today, scientists and doctors learned to cope the unique stability of stem cells to treat cancer and genetic blood disease with the help of bone marrow transplant. However, thousands of clinical trials are under the demonstration of using stem cells, and yet many researchers and fields of research believe that stem cells treat disease, heal injuries and grow to replace tissues like bone, cartilage, nerve, skin, muscles and blood vessels to give a well and quality life in the near future.

Stem cells have a great impact in repairing and replacing damaged tissue in our bodies. It is different from ordinary cells which only replicate to make new cells of the same type such blood cells generate more blood cells or skin cells are able to make more skin cells. That is why many scientists and doctors have big interest about the growing stem cells.


With this unique type of stem cell that treats disease, injury and from deteriorating of tissue due to aging called Mesenchymal stem cell. It is found on high concentrations in the healthy dental pulp of our teeth. It can form tissues such as bone, nerve, muscle and blood vessels and repairs body tissues itself; and plays an important role in healing by suppressing inflammation.

This kind of stem cell can be gathered from baby teeth as they naturally loosen, from wisdom teeth being extracted, or from teeth extracted for orthodontic purposes. Don’t discard them as they may help your children capture the generative power in store for them. Every child is unique as well as their family history, so let this emerging treatment help you and your child. Through the help of Bloodbanker, banking stem cells could mean so much for your child’s quality of life and well being.

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