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SF Bay Area Cord Blood Registry
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Cord Blood Registry specializes only in the collection, processing, storage, and retrieval of cord blood stem cells. Their AABB-accredited laboratory in Tucson has been processing cord blood since 1992. CBR provides the highest quality and most conscientious service. Banking a baby’s cord blood stem cells gives more control over a family’s future health.

Cord Blood Registry
1200 Bayhill Drive, Suite 301
San Bruno, California 94066
International callers:  (650) 635-1420
fax 800-844-2202

Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute

Several world class research hospitals in the San Francisco area participate in cord blood donor programs. Private companies are also available for those parents who wish to insure access to their child’s own cord blood. Expectant parents should consult their physicians, the hospital resources as well as community resources to fully educate themselves on this topic.

The Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute Sibling Donor Cord Blood Program is a national program designed to provide a unique treatment option to families with children suffering from leukemia, lymphoma, other cancers, sickle cell disease, thalassemia or other transplant treatable diseases.

When a family with a child who might benefit from a cord blood transplant is expecting another child, the program facilitates collection of the baby’s umbilical cord blood at the time of delivery.

After collection, the blood is transported to their stem cell bank where it is analyzed and stored. If the cord blood unit is needed for transplantation in the affected sibling, the program transports the unit to the transplant center for use.

Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute
5700 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, California 94609
Phone 510-450-7600
Fax 510-450-7910