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One Coin, One Cord Blood, Saves A Life

United Kingdom – The Inner Wheel Club is one of the largest clubs in the world with a membership base of 100,000 women and grandmothers. The club began in January 1924 with an aim to create friends and to raise funds for international, national and local charities.

Carol Kelley stands as the club president this year and her group wishes to educate the public about the benefits of cord blood donation and raise money for the event “Coin for a Cord Day,” which will be held on May 9.

In order to raise money, various personal items (pens, pins, etc.) are to be sold on the fifth of May at Cherrybrook Shopping Village and at Penant Hills Railway Station on the sixth.

All money will go to research institutions to conduct more scientific researches about cord blood donation.

Cord blood contains stem cells that when used in transplant, it can cure malignant diseases such as cancers (Acute Leukemia, Chronic Leukemia, Hodgkin & Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma and Myelodysplastic Syndrome), blood disorders, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, brain injury. cerebral palsy, type-1 diabetes and hearing loss. To search for cord blood banks, simply scan this directory – BloodBanker

Financial Success in China Cord Blood Corporation

The China Cord Blood Corporation (CCBC) is the first and the only cord blood banking operator in China. The bank is responsible for cord blood collection, hematopoietic processing of stem cell, laboratory testing and stem cell storage services.

CCBC releases its preliminary results for the fiscal year of 2012. These financial data remains unaudited and it ended on June 30, 2011. Its first quarter revenue is increased by 22% ($13. 5 Million). The bank’s Chairperson & Chief Executive Officer releases am official statement and she said,

“Our first quarter delivered strong financial performance driven by sustained growth in subscriber demand year-over-year following the upward price adjustment implemented in April 2011. Our strategy to develop a strong sales network while broadening our commercial reach has built a widely-recognized brand and an easily accessible network that will greatly facilitate our efforts to attract new subscribers.”

“In addition to solid financial performance, this quarter had several exciting developments. The Ministry of Health has issued new guidelines extending the ‘Ten Licenses Policy’, which reiterated that no more than ten licenses will be issued for the provision of cord blood banking services through 2015.”

“We welcome the policy extension as it sets a clear guideline for the industry and the general public. With access to three licenses and our 19.92% investment in Shandong Cord Blood Bank, we are fully committed to the development of the cord blood banking industry in China and will continue to grow by driving subscriber penetration rates…”

CCBC’s subscribers (more than 198,000) and new registrations (more than 12,000) have also moved up. The gross profit is increased by 24.1% or $10.5 Million and there’s also two percent increased in the gross margin (from 75.9% to 77.3%) from the prior year. Most importantly, its operating income goes up and it now clocks at 31.7%.