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House Bill 2421: Oklahama Needs Cord Blood Bank

It’s time for the state of Oklahoma to have its own cord blood bank. Representative John Enns proposes a bill (House Bill 2421) that calls for a $5 additional charge on birth certificate. The current cost of obtaining a birth certificate in the state is $15. The added charge is used to build their own cord blood bank for the purpose that every person who is in need of treatment will no longer wait for the arrival of his cord blood match.

“You have got to understand that $5 extra charge will be sunsetted in five years — it will go away. Within those years, the (money collected) will allow us to set up a cord blood bank, and afterward, it will be self-sustaining.” Enns said, who also help in creating Oklahoma Adult Stem Cell Research Center.

The use of stem cells in umbilical cord, as confirmed by US Department of Health and Human Services, is the best possible treatment for life threatening diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and genetic disorders. The cord blood transplantation is known for its ability to restore damaged blood cells.

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