Real Worth of Storing Cord Blood

Where can you store cord blood?

The cord blood bank based on Tampa, Florida is one of the earliest and leading supplier of umbilical cord blood in the USA, which is highly accredited by American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Anyone can always get in touch with CyroCell by searching it online and review their quotes and other payment plans. The annual payment starts from $75 and can be as high as $200.

Is cord blood a cure?

Yes. The cord blood of a newborn is filled with rich stem cells. These cells can be found in cuboid bone marrow and in all cellular matrix in the blood. The stems cells in cord blood are considered hematopoietic, which means it reproduce white and red blood cells and platelets. Numerous research say the cord blood is a cure to some forms of cancer, heart stroke and heart failure.

In what way does a cord blood helps?

In a press release posted last February 16, 2012, Samer Fakhri, MD, a surgeon in Memorial Hermann Medical Center in Texas, is joined by James Baumgartner, MD for an experimental investigation that focuses on cord blood stem cells as a treatment to acquired hearing loss in children. The investigation is in its first phase only but it promises fruitful results. Baumgartner, the sponsor, is staying positive that restoration of hearing in children can be possible with the use of this breakthrough.

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