Update on Chace

Two weeks ago, I wrote a post entitled “Auction for Recovery” and it’s about a kid who’s sick with acute myeloid leukemia. This kid’s name is Chace and after his final round of chemotherapy, he went through a lot of pain for about three weeks.

Chace even developed a severe rash. He was allergic to one of those drugs administered to him and his entire face went black/purple. To recover, he also needed high doses of morphine to reduce the pain. Chace also needs to be on steroids to promote growth of the stem cell.

Three weeks after the cord blood transplant, the doctors notice good changes in Chace’s immune system. His overall health is getting stronger and he’s already walking around the room. Both his parents were happy to hear him singing and to see him dance.

Both Chace’s parents were trying to move on from the horrific experience and are also grateful for the unconditional support they received.

“This has been the most difficult experience of our lives but we have been truly humbled by the ongoing generosity of family, friends and the wider community.”

Chace’s grandfather, Mr. Rod Topperwien, raised $75,000 toward the overseas medical intervention. Ryan Topperwien was thankful of his father and just said:

“If we do it’s a last-ditch bid. We want people to know we are very thankful. It’s just one step at a time. We know he’s not out of the woods yet but at the moment it’s an emotional high.”

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