In San Antonio Texas, Valentina DeLeon was a skinny baby at ten months. She was regularly vomiting and she had no appetite to eat.

Severe combined immunodefiency (SCID) – this is her doctor’s diagnosis and she was immediately ordered to undergo high-dose of chemotherapy. After the chemotherapy, she’s expected to receive cord blood transplant.

Luckily, a donated cord blood was a match. A cord blood contains stem cells and these can be used as a miracle tool to give cure to fatal diseases such as Cerebral Palsy and blood diseases.

The transplant went good and new cells start to grow and it gave her a stronger immune system. Exactly five months after the transplant (September 2011), anyone can instantly recognize the improvements in Valentina’s overall health.

She began to gain weight, weighing more than nine kilograms and her parents took her home. Her immune disorder was gone and every moment of her life must be treated as a celebration.

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