2 Animal Blood Bank Locations

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Animal Blood BankPo Box 1118Dixon CA95620-1118
Animal Blood Bank613 4th StOrland CA95963-1344

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A Closer Look at the Animal Blood Resources International

ABRI, Defining the Organization

Animal Blood Resources International (ABRI), formerly known as Animal Blood Bank and Midwest Animal Blood Services (or simply Animal Blood Bank), is the leading provider of state-of-the-art veterinary transfusion and blood banking products. Serving animals for over 25 years now, ABRI is the first commercial blood bank for cats and dogs.

Founded in 1988, ABRI has introduced veterinary practitioners worldwide to transfusion medicine. Its founder, Stan Carlin, DVM, is credited for creating the very first blood bank especially for animals.

Over the years, ABRI has made a name for itself, with the whole organization being the biggest veterinary transfusion supplier in the world.

Just How Great is ABRI?

ABRI's more than 25 years of experience and existence proves it way up to now. It is the only veterinary blood bank that has been given a license by the USDA and the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Despite their excellent credentials, ABRI is still subject for inspection and approval by the Canadian Ministry of Agriculture every time they would ship their products. They have locations in California and Michigan (East and West coasts), which makes them ship all over the United States, and even worldwide.

The Brains Behind ABRI

Listed below is the executive team of Animal Blood Resources International:
  • Chief Executive Officer/Director: Patricia Kaufman
  • Chief Operating Officer: Scott Horner
  • Chief Financial Officer: Michael Kaufman
  • Facilities/Operations Manager: Joni Hodson
  • Adoption Coordinator: Diane Carpenter
Its director, Pat Kaufman, BC/CPDT, is a certified dog trainer, behaviorist and, at the same time, a board member of many prestigious veterinary associations. She is also a contributing author on various important transfusion literatures.

What ABRI has to Offer

This organization takes pride in its high-quality canine and feline blood products and services. In fact, they are also recognized for introducing HemaGold, a line of leuko-reduced, lyophilized and cyro-preserved blood products. They also provide products involving lyophilized albumin, lyophilized cryoprecipitate, and cryo-preserved, leuko-reduced platelets.

Not Only for Canines and Felines

Aside from their primary products which are solely intended for cats and dogs, ABRI also offers custom large animal blood components and products for other creatures like swine, goat, bovine, and sheep.

Proving to be a very versatile blood bank, ABRI has everything--- no matter what kind of animal product or component it may be.

All About ABRI's Animal Donors

Animal donors at ABRI are the life and blood (both literally and figuratively) of the organization. Most of them come from kind and generous people who really own them. But, aside from these privately-owned animals, ABRI also has their own small in-house kennel of both canines and felines. Some of their dogs are of random source mongrels and purpose bred beagles, while their cats have all three blood types: A, B and AB.

All ABRI animal donors undergo extensive tests and screenings for hematological infectious diseases, with the use of PCR. All animals must be free of the following:

Dog Donors

  • babesia
  • lyme
  • anaplasma
  • dirofilaria
  • rocky mountain spotted fever
  • leishmania
  • hemotropic mycoplasmas
  • ehrlichia
  • hepatozoon
  • bartonella
  • neorickettsia

Cat Donors:

  • cytauxzoon felis
  • mycoplasma haemofelis
  • feline leukemia virus
  • bartonella spp
  • feline immunodeficiency virus
  • candidatus mycoplasma turicensis
  • anaplasma spp
  • candidatus mycoplasma haemominutum
Aside from important tests, ABRI also has on-site veterinarians who take care of all animal donors, making sure that their needs are always attended to and that they are always healthy, in good behavior and on the right track.

Who Wants to Adopt a Pet?

Aside from providing animals with blood products, components and services, ABRI also facilitates an active adoption program, where they team up with various rescue teams/organizations in the community to provide a great solution for unwanted adult dogs and cats.

ABRI Animals Looking for the Best Home Ever!

ABRI's animal adoption program helps cats and dogs live a healthy and normal life. It is open to everyone who wants a new pet, those who don't want them to suffer from euthanasia, and those who are willing to be a loving lifetime parent to them and provide the best home they could ever have.

Service Before Adoption

Animals at ABRI must have rendered at least one year of service (providing life-saving blood products and components) before they could be available for adoption. Potential new owners don't need to worry about the canines and felines at ABRI being disease-ridden or violent. These cats and dogs are tested before the adoption process, so rest assured that they practice good behavior and are in great health before they could even transfer to their new permanent homes.

Be a Volunteer Now!

ABRI is known for housing many cats and dogs who were unwanted, unsafe, and awaiting their unfortunate fate at the pound. They gave them food, shelter, and, most important of all, a new life. At ABRI, they enjoy playing, eating and sleeping. Aside from having the time of their lives, they also help give other animals the same. With their blood donations for veterinary patients, these animal donors make the world a better place to live in.

Loyal Pet People Needed

Just like ABRI, you can help, too. If you are a person who loves animals, especially cats and dogs, you know it is an endless joy to be with them. These special creatures love us, forgive us, trust us, and bring out the best in our lives in so many unique ways. If you are looking for a loyal pet companion, come to the Animal Blood Resources International. Become a member of a volunteer team who cuddle, groom, walk, play with, and take care of in-house animal donors.

ABRI Volunteer Requirements

Potential volunteers need to attend a one-hour training session, which is facilitated every quarter of the year. They also welcome youth volunteers, aged 10 to 17 years old, but they must always be accompanied by a parent.

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