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The first blood banks in the United States was founded in Memphis in the late 1930s at the John Gaston Hospitals. In August 1950, Dr. Lemule Diggs recommended that Memphis and the Mid-South would benefit from a non-profit community blood center. The proposal of memphis to establish was rejected in 1954 but finally in 1962, the committee on Blood Bank Operation of the Memphis and Shelby County Medical Society approved a Blood Assurance program that supplemented rather than replaced. In February 19, 1963, the Community Blood Plan of Memphis, Inc was chartered as a not-for-profit corporation. The Memphis is the eight largest medical center in the United States and host of the second busiest trauma center. And now, Lifeblood has been truly a labor of love and dedication for all this years. And the goal is to eliminate the dependence on other volunteer blood centers to fulfill the needs of the community.

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