4 Aventis Locations

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Aventis Bio Service1054 University Ave WSaint Paul MN55104-4707
Aventis Bio-Services435 E Columbia StSpringfield OH45503-4214
Aventis Bio Service720 Texas AveEl Paso TX79901-1422
Aventis Bioservices2111 W North AveMilwaukee WI53205-1133

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Discover the Brilliance of Sanofi

Introducing Sanofi

Sanofi, formerly known as Aventis/Sanofi-Aventis, is a respected multinational pharmaceutical company, with headquarters in Paris, France. It is also the world's 5th largest company by prescription sales.

Sanofi was formed by two merging companies, Aventis and Sanofi-Synthelabo, in 2004, and changed its name to just "Sanofi" in 2011.

What Sanofi Offers

Sanofi makes over-the-counter medicines that are readily available for people of all classes, but their main focus is the whole production of pharmaceutical drugs that are primarily available in the prescription market, which involves researching, developing, manufacturing, and marketing.

The company also covers seven major therapeutic areas: cardiovascular, the nervous system, diabetes, internal medicine, tumors, thrombosis and vaccines.

The Beginnings of Sanofi

Sanofi comes from a line of very successful and innovative companies that have been impressing everyone in the pharmaceutical industry since the 18th century. It is the result of their combined experiences and knowledge that have been very helpful over the years.

Here is a quick walk-through of Sanofi's long line of history:

- Laboratoires Dausse and Laboratoires Robert & Carriére creates Synthélabo.
- Jean-François Dehecq and René Sautier forms Sanofi.
- Synthélabo and Sanofi merges, creating the well-known Sanofi-Synthélabo.
- Rhône-Poulenc merges with Hoechst Marion Roussel, forming Aventis.
- Sanofi-Synthélabo and Aventis combine their experience and resources, founding Sanofi-Aventis.
- Sanofi-Aventis shortens its name to Sanofi.

Committed To Excellence And Service

Sanofi, with its many years of experience in the field of medicine, is very dedicated to the work they do.

The Sanofi Excellence

Centuries of discoveries and advances are not enough for Sanofi. Until now, they still strive to formulate new approaches to their activities and incorporate innovative ideas so that the vaccines and medicines they give to patients are guaranteed safe, effective, and of high-quality.

Sanofi Service

They team up with related partners to provide necessary health care to all the people worldwide. They aim to do the following to the whole world population:
  • protect their overall health
  • provide them hope
  • improve their lives
  • reach out and give them the care they deserve

Sanofi's Healthcare Priorities

As a non-profit foundation, everything they do are for the people. With its innovation on vaccines, medicines and other medical solutions, they help prevent diseases and treat those people in need.

The economics and society are continually evolving, and with this, more health problems are surfacing. This is why Sanofi is also continually innovating and improving their products and services, to better help people and provide intelligent solutions for them.

The Powerful Force Behind Sanofi

Sanofi's corporate governance agenda is established under the AFEP-MEDEF code. Their principles are based on a framework that was created from their statutes and the Board of Directors' internal regulations' combination.

Meet the workforce behind Sanofi:
  • CEO/Chairman of the Board: Serge Weinberg
  • Executive Committee:
    • Executive VP, Vaccines: Olivier Charmeil
    • Executive VP, Chief Financial Officer: Jérôme Contamine
    • Executive VP, Chief Strategy Officer: David-Alexandre Gros
    • Executive VP, Global Commercial Operations: Peter Guenter
    • Executive VP, Merial: Carsten Hellmann
    • Executive VP, Legal Affairs and General Counsel: Karen Linehan
    • Executive VP, Global Industrial Affairs: Philippe Luscan
    • Executive VP & CEO, Genzyme: David P. Meeker, MD
    • Executive VP, Human Resources: Roberto Pucci
    • Executive VP, Global Divisions & Strategic Development: Pascale Witz
    • President, Global R&D: Elias Zerhouni, MD

Continuing The Legacy

Today, Sanofi remains as the largest pharmaceutical company in the world. They are still growing, innovating, and improving their world-class service to patients all over the planet.

Here is a proof that they are internationally respected and recognized:
  • They have 112 sites in 41 countries
    • 82 pharmaceutical sites
    • 12 vaccine sites
    • 18 animal health sites
  • They also have more than 20 R&D sites, including:
    • Genzyme
    • Sanofi Pasteur
    • Merial
  • Aside from these, they also have more than 110,000 collaborators:
    • Europe: 53,880
    • France: 27,537
    • North America: 18,795
    • Others: 39,453
    • (with 83% on pharmaceutics, 11.5% on vaccines, and 5.5% on animal health)

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